Speaking of Wives…

Since the skeered little puppy poked his nose out from under the porch yesterday…

How is Gail these days? Still useful and comfy at the bottom of the river?

And I haven’t seen a marriage license announced in the Myrtle Beach papers lately either. You and the Balloon Animal are just gonna keep sponging off big sister like the grifters you are, amirite?

In this roaring economy, with unemployment at historic lows, you can’t hold a fucking job!

I feel like I won the lottery!

Oh, and on the subject of jobs, I do want to apologize for being too late to get you disinvited from employment at WTKN. I underestimated your ability to show every thinking person around you what a complete and utter syphilitic cocksnogger (SUE ME AGAIN!!) you are, and you managed the feat before I even decided to try.

If there’s ever a next time though, I’ll be ready.

TTFN, and tell Lady Chompers that’s Knurmdluhhh says “flnechdk yhurr!”

(Seriously man, you could drain pasta through that thing.)


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

18 thoughts on “Speaking of Wives…”

  1. a date in 2021 has been set..... by that time goodyear will have the wedding dress done

  2. Maybe he should add a section to that online so-called resume of his that deals with the interactions he has had with other men's wives - the harassment, the stalking, the threatening, the photoshopping, the doxing. It probably needs to be a whole section all its own. It should also include the number of times the wives have been covered by restraining orders against Schmalfeldt as well.

    1. You really can't do his Restraining Order history justice if you don't feature the one protecting the toddler from dear old DUMBFUCK.

      1. Dont forget the causeys in az he put a skull over their infants birth picture and published it

    2. There's no need to document interactions with other mens wives because he owns them. Along with all the houses. The kids? I have no idea; might check the Scouts.

  3. Ok, what in thew hell has Patrick ever do to the DF that would require the DF to forgive him. Now I can think up numerous things that the DF has done that he needs to apologized to Patrick for. That's the DF for you always getting things ass-backwards .

    1. Perhaps my zombie memory is a bit faulty, but didn’t my pet DUMBFUCK frighten Patrick Grady off long ago? I mean, I know my pet DUMBFUCK believes I am Patrick, but Reagan’s aphorism about what liberals know holds true here.

      I believe my pet DUMBFUCK (don’t worry, little DUMBFUCK, I would never abandon you the way you have all the pets in your lifetime; I’ll see you in the ground) also has tried to take credit for Grady getting divorced...if only he knew the true story.

      But I’m sworn to secrecy on that.

      1. If memory serves, the only person on record as claiming to be Paul Krendler is, wait for it....

        ... Bill Schmalfeldt.

  4. "Patrick, I forgive you. (Which is more than you will ever hear from your wife, I fear.)"

    Projection. With Liberals, it's always projection. He wants to be forgiven for his actions towards Patrick and his wife. Which is more than he will ever hear from Gail because she is dead.

    He intentionally forgets what he's done to everyone else. What about Lee? What about Mr. Hoge? What about the Causeys? What about Ash, SC, Agiledog, and so many others?

    Forget it DUMBFUCK. No one will forgive you. Not even the cats.

    1. "Which is more than he will ever hear from Gail because she is dead."

      Have you talked to the mammary clouds lately DUMBFUCK?


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