Sir, Here’s That Attention You Ordered

Lookie here!

Nice man-titties

Somebody drove (wait…drove? I thought he couldn’t drive, with MUH PARKY’S and all) all the way to Jacksonville, NC to pose in front of a radio station that won’t hire him, in the hopes that somebody will think his sixth (or is it his seventh?) short-term “retirement” has temporarily ended for another month, and post something insulting.

Well, I aim to please.

We all know what you’re qualified to do, DUMBFUCK.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

9 thoughts on “Sir, Here’s That Attention You Ordered”

  1. I'm glad that one of DUMBFUCK's fellow coprophiliacs got hired after his almost-tenure was torpedoed. As we've learned, DUMBFUCK is NOT qualified to clean a crapper.

    1. I believe WAVQ did a little more due-diligence than previous potential employers, so he wasn't even offered this one.

      1. I must concur. Given that he opened the @portlypundit Twitter account no later than May 5, the date given for all available tweets there, one can reasonably assume the banner photo on that handle was taken on or about that date.

        Given also that his Facebook account lists a profile change on May 7 reading "Meh. I guess I'm retired," I believe it is indeed safe to say that WAVQ made a good decision.

        I must confess to being a tiny bit confused, though, at this endless cycle of retirements. Most people hang it up because they are ready to leave, but that's clearly not the case for DUMBFUCK. Every time he gets tossed out on his ass, he calls it retirement and promptly starts looking for a new job.

        As I have said before, that's not retirement.

        That's UNEMPLOYMENT. Which I'm guessing he can't even collect because he "retired" from federal service many years ago.

        WOMP WOMP.


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