17 thoughts on “Never Gonna Happen”

    1. “But in the Pretendyland alphabet, ‘DUMBFUCK’ starts with a B!”

  1. This is the longest engagement by two people who want to get married I have ever seen. What's the real holdup? Not the right time? Money? Medical clearance? Can't find a tent large enough to serve as material for a bridal gown?

    So many questions...

  2. Someone should point out to Di Kelley that her "man"'s name is William. It is his nickname that she knows him by that starts with "B". He has other nicknames as well, especially one that starts with "D", for which he is better known.

  3. Simple really. You can mooch off the government teat more as two single people than one married couple. A simple Google search will show study after study explaining how means test benefit programs favor NOT getting married.

  4. Recently, I was driving through downtown by the homeless encampments at the river and saw a couple that were the spitting image of the disgusting duo. Did a frightened double take but the resemblance faded with proximity.


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