Bring Your Best


Who dat?

Really, Tom?

Taking cues from an idiot like Bill Schmalfeldt?

Gosh, I hope Liz Callaway doesn’t find out about this, or the DUMBFUCK might have to “resign without giving two weeks notice” (ITKWIMAITYD) from his fourth job in a row that he actually managed to reach the first day of, unlike North Dakota, Denison and Wisconsin.

And you think I ought to be concerned?

Good luck.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

One thought on “Bring Your Best”

  1. It seems like another idiot who played video games all day had scholarly legal opinions that never panned out either. It happened to be living with the one who failed at least 8 times.

    I'm going to predict he will follow the same losing path, and be mocked relentlessly.


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