It’s Called “Resting Bitch Face” For a Reason

Here we have an example of forced joviality that DUMBFUCK has made famous, the Face That Launched a Thousand Grifts:

Yes, sir that beard does look fine, with the poop freshly combed out!

But beneath, we know what’s really there behind all the fakery and falsehood: the face of a man who knows what awaits him beyond the veil:

Resting Ass Face

Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

9 thoughts on “It’s Called “Resting Bitch Face” For a Reason”

  1. I wonder if he left Havre in the dead of night. I mean just ten days ago he was slipping and sliding in the radio station parking lot.

  2. A masked face may actually be a symptom of Parkinson's but this faker just has an ugly mug from birth.

  3. That's the look you have when you have be trying to convince the world you have 30 years of journalism experience; and you can't keep a job in 3 different tiny little radio stations in less than a year.

  4. One of the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease is that you never get out of a wheelchair once you've been confined to one. You also don't start driving again years after you are no longer able to exercise on a treadmill.

    And the symptom of a habitual liar is that your face muscles can no longer hide your deception and just hang there, Mr. Resting Face.

  5. That right there is the face of a DUMBFUCK with terrible grooming habits.

  6. And why exactly is Bill Schamlfeldt at the Myrtle Beach sperm bank? He stated years ago that his medication made him impotent. So was he there for a withdrawal? For him or Pinkie Pie?

    When I spoke to his now-former employer in Havre, he did mention that Bill seemed unable to keep control of the look on his face. But the station manager blamed it on the constant smell of cheap whiskey, and not on any supposed disease. Could be an additional reason he was fired......

    1. Didnt he write he cant drink cause it would interfere with his imaginary medications?


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