He’s Alllllllmost Back, My Good Zombies

Wasting someone’s (certainly not his) hard-earned dollars on his seventh new computer in four years – check!

New trial period internet radio station – check!

Three formats in three days – check!

Including one reaching back eighty years to find content in the public domain that won’t cost him royalties to use (IOW – stuff he can steal and get away with) – check!

A tentative return to immensely uninformed and downright stupid political commentary on both Facebook and Twitter- check!

And finally, the parody-satire format that has always failed him so faithfully – check!

How soon before the word “lickspittle” once more passes his lips?

Tune in tomorrow for answers to these and other questions on our next terrifying episode of “As the DUMBFUCK Shakes!”


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

13 thoughts on “He’s Alllllllmost Back, My Good Zombies”

  1. My goodness, I was snarking about them leaving in the dead of night, but to leave a fairly new laptop behind, suggest that they left in a big hurry or dead of night. I mean I have moved across country a few times and it always takes more than ten days. Now when I was contract field engineering and living out of a suitcase yeah could be on the way within an hour.

  2. Shakes is like the Jelly of the Month Club - the gift that keeps giving all year long.

    1. Well, he’s gotta re-re-re-reestablish his South Kackalacky residency if he wants to file another LOLSUIT that will again fail on jurisdiction grounds.

  3. I'm just enjoying the thought that God himself [or Nature Herself, if that's the way you swing] conspired to drive Schmally's blubbery ass out of Big Sky Country. Now that's he's gone, the Montanans get to have some warmer weather. https://www.washingtonpost.com/weather/2019/03/11/some-nations-most-exceptional-cold-record-has-finally-left-montana/?utm_term=.5c03720c14c7

  4. When somebody leaves THAT quickly, it means the law is on their ass. I wonder if it t involved Boy Scout parodies of just fraudulent police reports this time?

        1. Maybe she got banned from the only karaoke bar for two hundred miles and she forced him to come back home.

        2. I'll just note that the vast majority of people busted for child porn are busted because of their online activities. Not to imply that Balloon Boy would ever possess child porn or that's why they left so quickly. Although with xis proven penchant for collecting gay incest porn I wouldn't blame anyone that did come to that conclusion.

  5. He abandons computers like he abandons pets. Note - a "lost" computer can't have it's hard drive forensically searched. A "new " one is clean.


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