It’s the 21st Century, Goddammit!

Wouldn’t you think the technology would exist that would enable a DUMBFUCK to get fired from literally any job

– literally anywhere in the world! – 

without ever having to leave the comfortable off-season climes of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina?

Truly, Sharky in this comment over at the Sonoran Conservative, has properly measured the intelligence of DUMBFUCK’S so-called circle of friends by asking who would be stupid enough to believe that a guy who has walked (well…gimped) off three consecutive radio jobs giving zero notice, having zero prospects, without even stopping to question that, “uh…hey – are you sure they didn’t kick your ass to the curb after finally getting around to typing your name into the Google Machine?”

Or maybe – just maybe! – one of his old pals has picked up a new hobby calling station managers on a weekly basis to tell old stories that maybe have slipped his Fakinson’s-infected braaaaaaaaaaaaainzzzzzzzzz!



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

8 thoughts on “It’s the 21st Century, Goddammit!”

  1. It's a pity. It was supposed to get really freaking cold this weekend in Havre.

    But you're ignoring the important points. Has Laddie Dye gotten dental treatments yet? Closed mouth smile says "Hell no."

    Also, in one of his last LOLsuits, I was assured this site was a _daily_ hate screed?

    1. "I was assured this site was a _daily_ hate screed"

      If you check your Service Level Agreement you signed when you became a Zombie, you will see that the Dread Zombie Krendler does not assure you that you will get a daily screed.

      1. So what you're saying is, we now have actual evidence that Bill isn't Krendler: Krendler has a day job...

        1. FIFY

          So what you're saying is, we now have actual evidence that Bill isn't Krendler: Krendler has a day job...

  2. Good Lord.... She gets uglier by the minute and Dumbfuck's dick dented cranium looks like car wreck sheet metal.

    Two gigantic steaming sacks of fail on a train...

    ChooooooChoooooooo, mofo.

    1. "She gets uglier by the minute ....."

      That shit happens when you spend your money on vaping and gaming instead of personal care (like toothpaste).


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