Ah, Memories!

Remember the good old days, DUMBFUCK, when you used to try and convince judges that WJJ Hoge was


for forcing you to leave your house in the frigid Maryland winters (oh, the frostbite inducing mid 20s – eek!) onto the rented forklift and flatbed truck to be transported all the way to Westminster to defend your cyberstalking activities?

Good times, good times…


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

10 thoughts on “Ah, Memories!”

  1. About how many PSI do you think the Inflate-A-Boy loses in that kind of temperature?

  2. Paul, I hate to break this to you, but the TurdRolling ToddlerStalker, Bill Schmalfeldt, the lyin' of Lebanon,the man who almost showed up to a peace order hearing, who nearly understands personal jurisdiction, and who personally wet himself at the serving of a court summons... Yeah, this guy might only have a passing relationship with the truth...

    1. I like how the man who was set for life after collecting the insurance of the captive nurse is now having to drag his fat ass across country from small town to small town for small market radio jobs because he is so broke. Guess the "marriage" will be delayed a bit longer. lololololol

      1. Baby, if you ever wondered, wondered whatever became of me,
        I'm living on the air in fucking Havre, fucking Havre way up in MT.

        Got kind of tired of living in just one place, just one landlord and no soap (that's Dial.)
        I'm living on the air in fucking Havre, maybe I'll send a LOLsuit once in a while.

        I'm on KPQX in fucking Havre!

  3. Wow, he's such a big boy now. Driving himself, working odd hours, has a paying low-level entry gig, living with his fiance, becoming a regular at the small local bar with karaoke. Other than the decades of being a loser in this past, minimal physical fitness, and no real prospects of moving up, he doing "alright" for an average 23 year old just starting to make his way in the world. Yet this is the BEST he'll ever get. Couldn't happen to a nicer knuckle-dragging nut-shuffler.

    1. Imagine if he had spent less time faking a disease to support his political activities how much different it might have turned out. Unless, of course, he was destined to be a perpetual dumbfuck.. then it all worked out for him.

      1. Just think: there was a time he had a decent-paying gig with a national audience, got to interview genuine Broadway celebrities, he even had some fans.

        And he fucked that up because he couldn't just focus on the show tunes; he had to talk politics, and he had to do it in his usual nasty-minded way.

        But he had another stroke of luck! My guess is that it was one of those fans, but somebody hooked him up with a 100k+/yr federal job, one so easy they eventually let him work from home.

        And he was too lazy to actually do it. He had to spend his time berating people on the internet, instead. So he faked a disease no one could prove he -didn't- have, and he worked harder at that than he ever has at anything, as far as I can tell. He went as far as getting unnecessary and potentially [low chance, but still] lethal brain surgery to reinforce the con...and ended up with a not-awful disability retirement check.

        And then he fucked that up, too. Because yelling at people on the internet is serious business.

        What a dumb [dump] dope.

        What a DUMBFUCK.


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