Getting Comfortable

Left one behind in Maryland.

Left one behind in Wisconsin.

Another in Iowa.

There’s got to be another one waiting for the eventual return to blissful re-re-re-re-re-retirement in South Carolina.

The job in Okie came with a furnished trailer, if I recall, so there’s probably no new recliner there…

So I figure if the inbred DUMBFUCK twins are 99% moved in to their palatial 2BR/1BA apartment on 9th St, the missing one percent is…

shelter cats to abandon later.

I hope he’s letting them keep the recliners, at least.

UPDATE: Look what I found!

Just living his best life up there in the LATE STAGE ELEVENTY Parkinson’s-exacerbating, lifespan-shortening cold of the northern Montana plains. He seems to have no trouble risking a potentially fatal slip-and-fall in the oh-so-frigid winter to hop in his car

wait – didn’t the Parkinson’s FORCE him to quit driving and give up his driver’s license? Maybe his employers should be told about this

and bop out to the local karaoke bar either.

And for a guy who was FORCED to retire because he could no longer speak to produce podcasts for the NIH, the same guy who went on to create hundreds of failed FREE-THIRTY-DAY-TRIAL-PERIOD internet radio stations and podcasts of his own, who has spent most of the last two years retiring

I mean getting fired

and un-retiring

I mean scamming micromarket radio stations without the resources to do proper background checks

from various live radio gigs…

A guy who relocates with the frequency of a really bad con man

(or a Parkinson’s patient who can’t find a neurologist not named Grill to treat him)

A guy who makes much of his proclivity for both cigars and brown liquor

two vices generally forbidden to the average late stage Parkinson’s patient 

The claim that he has Parkinson’s disease, by his own words and deeds, is looking more and more like a malicious lie every single day.

And if that jackass would like to file a defamation claim, oh by all means DO.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

9 thoughts on “Getting Comfortable”

  1. Safe link to Billy Sez blog:

    "I had a bottle of scotch with one drink out of it when my sister and her friends helped me move some stuff into my apartment, and I thought I would be hospitable and offer adult beverages...JWR is swill IMHO, by my sis and her friends enjoyed a nip."

    But he only had one drink! The rest were for friends and sister. That's why the bottle was half empty! Except friends and sister only had a "nip." He must have spilled the rest, right? And he is such a swell guy, he gave them the "swill" instead of the good stuff, which he keeps for himself. *hic*

  2. Dirty Schnitzel (@dirtyschnitzel) says:

    October 12, 2015 at 5:09 pm

    If by a month, you mean a month of ignoring idiots, then yeah. I do not drink. I am a non drinker. I have no problem with people who do drink. I wish I could drink. But I do not drink. Take it or leave it


  3. King and Queen of Poopistan? The royal stench won't fully bloom until summer, but I'm sure the castle interior is quite aromatic.

    1. Ewwwwww. There's a thought I could have done without. Makes me wonder about who has to clean the places they leave. Got to be an awful job.

  4. Been together a good long while, moving domiciles all over the country together. Married? bet not. bet somebody pulled the 'ol "it's just a piece of paper, our lurv don't need that" dodge.

    1. But....but he PROMISED the snaggle toothed Inflate-A-Boy a set of new chompers. He promised to get xim on his sweet gov't health insurance. Only way to do that is to get hitched. We all know by xer lack of jobs how lazy xe is, but still believing he'll marry xim and get xim teeth at this point? That's living in LaLa land.

  5. A New York man killed in a Michigan detention center after being sentenced for sexually exploiting children was repeatedly stabbed*



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