Now, this could mean “She’s in the shower hosing off the accumulated scum of spending three days on a train,”


it could mean “She’s in the shower hosing off the accumulated dirt, sweat and travel-weariness of three days riding Amtrak.”

If we were talking about a Truck Stop Dolly, the choice would be obvious, but we aren’t.

That doesn’t mean I don’t think the choice is the same; it just means I think it’s not as obvious.

Your mileage may vary.

After all, we are dealing with a seasoned Stolen Valor GS-13 writer-editor of OVER THREE DECADES EXPERIENCE as a journalist and radio broadcaster (and don’t forget truck driver, so really, who would know better the difference between train scum and train scum?) who was apparently miraculous cured of his 18 year bout with ADVANCED STAGE ELEVENTYSIX NEVER EVER EVER GETS BETTER PARKINSON’S DISEASE

or maybe he was always lying about it in the first place. Occam’s Razor, what do you say?

Ding! First Prize!

That’s what I thought too.

But “hosing off 3 days of train scum?” That is some dynamite mental imagery right there.

I’ll bet there’s video that NO ONE wants to see.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

18 thoughts on “Uh, PHRASING”

  1. https://bayourenaissanceman.blogspot.com/2018/12/about-that-emotional-support-longhorn.html

  2. I suppose we should be glad he's limited this to an ill-phrased post and not created a song out of it because parody and satire.

    1. Oh wait, you know its coming

      "My balloon is in the shower
      Xie washing xie her bits
      The scum of three days travel
      Can smell quit a bit"

  3. Maybe I'm misunderstanding here. I was guessing she was "hosing off" some train-riding scum (guys) that she had somehow accumulated on her trip.

  4. I am glad there are no pictures or video, because that would definitely break the internet, and still have some on-line shopping to do.

  5. Does anyone else wonder what the next godforsaken hellhole in the middle of nowhere that DUMBFUCK drags his balloon animal to in pursuit of minimum wage will be?

    1. Oh, I think it’s best to leave that for a surprise, don’t you?

      I can’t believe (and not everyone may know this if they haven’t kept up with his Facebook overshares) that he jumped at Havre, Montana while waiting for a decision from Myrtle Beach that would have let him stay out if he had just had a little patience.


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