No, Really! I LURVE Retire-MINT!

Totally cereal about this. I have no intention of uprooting my balloon animal and giving my cat away AGAIN for a minimum wage radio gig in the hustings for a company that doesn’t believe in due diligence or background checks.

Pro-tip: if you are continuously trying to “un- retire,” you are UNEMPLOYED, DUMBFUCK.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

7 thoughts on “No, Really! I LURVE Retire-MINT!”

  1. What podunk 100W radio station was he not qualified for this time? His "journalism career" resume with evidence of him leaving after a short time in most of them, would have been oh, so appealing. He can keep a job about as long as he keeps his animals. I am sure the previous places gave him glowing recommendations. hahahahahaha

    1. I'm pretty sure that old Stolen Valor doesn't list any of his previous employers. Even he is not stupid enough to do that. Oh wait.....

  2. He can keep a job about as long as he can keep his mouth shut (i.e. not very long).

    Now that his disability graft has been cut off, and any insurance funds have long since been wasted on vaping supplies and cat litter, he must really be getting desperate for a job. Too bad his own mouth has ruined any chance he'd ever have of getting another one.

      1. Bill said that if we didn't believe that he had Parkinson's disease, we should report him for disability fraud. So I did. He later mentioned that he was providing a 10 y.o. diagnosis to them to prove it. Funny how he never posted an image of their acceptance of it as proof of his disability. It was shortly after that that he began his attempts at "return" from retirement. I believe they cut him off.

  3. I think in this case, whoever received his application is probably breathing a sigh of relief after telling him, "Don't call us, we'll call you.. like never."


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