15 thoughts on “What About Pretendyland Journalists?”

  1. Technical questions for Krendler and/or Vigilans Vindex:

    1. How do I insert a image into comments here? If I drag and drop I see the file reference full-path.
    2. Do I need to worry about meta-data associated with a PNG file? I've examined the file with TweakPNG and don't see any info leaks.

    Asking for a friend.

    1. At TMZ I have always needed to use the “img” HTML tag. But sometimes even that fails for some reason.

      At Hogewash! a simple URL does the trick, no tags needed.

        1. I have never been able, nor has anyone else other than Krendler, to include an image in a comment here, since hosting was moved offshore. I don't think even live links work, as I've needed to copy/paste posted urls as opposed to clicking links.
          If you want to easily strip metadata from an image, post it on imgur.com and copy the image url to post elsewhere. You don't need an imgur account to do that, but if you do get one (in order to easily find images you post, for example), set your image to private to prevent tracing back to your account...which you can set up anonymously, anyway.

        2. Many thanks, AJ!

          Thanks for the gouge on imgur also. Think I've stripped my image properly but will do so again.

          I'll post the plaintext content of the ad I whipped up as soon as Paul puts up another post. It will be minus the legendary AR-15 photo BUT you'll still get the idea.

  2. Does the press really want there to be no difference between a journalist and a Muslim Brotherhood mouthpiece?

      1. What is the difference between Bill Schmalfeldt and Jamal Khashoggi? One is an evil, unprincipled, mouthpiece for a terrorist organization; and the other one is Jamal.

  3. Shakes the clown not knowing the difference between a journalist and a columnist really comes as no surprise to anyone.
    The fact that the guy wasn't an American citizen and was a permanent resident kinda makes it a who gives a fuck event.
    The Bloated One siding with a Muslim Brotherhood apologist and terrorist sympathizer is par for the course for the hate America crowd.

    1. If Kashoggi was such an American patriot, why was he at the Saudi consulate in Turkey and not the Embassy in DC?


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