In Other News…

As was widely suspected, <del>Mr. I Had To Quit Driving In 2010 DUMBFUCK bought another car!  It was another junker of course, and is not up to the workload of hauling four tons of useless guts from South Kakalacky all the way up to Clark County Wisconsin. someone made a phone call and a more-than-basic background check was initiated.

So no dream job for poor Billy!

Until next month.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

14 thoughts on “In Other News…”

  1. Lame excuse. I kept junkers running for very long periods. Even today if I could find a pre-1975 US-built vehicle that is currently running I'll bet I could get another 25K miles out of it no matter how bad it is.

    1. As long as you keep current on scheduled maintenance, and replace things that need replacing, there’s little reason a car can’t last as long as parts are available.

      1. Hey, if I had to haul DUMBFUCK and his balloon animal from SC to OK and back, I'd give right the fuck up too.

  2. Is the Grand Strand code for free loading in the sis in laws basement?


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