5 thoughts on “The Bill Schmalfeldt We Know and…Love?”

  1. Eddie Murphy used to talk about his teenage stand-up days, and about how he had a ten-minute set all about taking a dump. "I was FIFTEEN, man! Taking a shit was the biggest thing I'd ever done!"

    And here's this dumbass. Same excuse...at what, sixty-three?

  2. His Twitter timeline is filling up with a bunch of his fellow Liberals. If he has any real listeners to his radio work, they must not have the time to waste on social media to realize that he says one thing on air, and another on the internet.

    And the funny thing is is that his tweet was sent as a reply to the wrong one from his buddy April. As such, it was completely out of context. Leave it to Dumbfuck.....

  3. Has he ever done anything productive in any real sense? While pooping or not?

  4. Question for Krendler: Is Pavocampus and/or his consort keeping a eye on your blog?

    Asking for a friend.

    1. Because traffic is down (not unexpected given that I don't post new content consistently), I don't check my tracker as often as I used to. There are no hits from Guymon over the past 4 days or so, which is a far back as it looks.

      But I recall seeing the Inflataskank's computer in the log in the last month or so.

      Which is a long way of saying I'm not sure if they've given up completely, but if they have it was quite recently.


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