5 thoughts on “Some People Just Miss Out”

  1. She is nuttier than a squirrel's anus. And the whole idea is ludicrous since its "Progressives" that have the historical lead in mass murder at 100+ million and counting.

    1. Shovel man,

      Someone funnier than I wrote:

      "If socialism is so great how come the caravan isn’t heading for Venezuela?"

  2. Wait. Bill told us he was impotent from all the Fakinson drugs he was taking, and that he hasn't stuck it in anything in quite some time. That couldn't have been another lie, could it? Besides, I don't think he is the "giving" type - I think he likes to receive, if you know what I mean.

    1. I think there are a couple things amiss in DUMBFUCK’S lie-filled history.

      Yes, he did say on at least one previous occasion that he and the Ashtray Soulmate no longer engaged in “physical love.” I think, though, that he preferred the excuse that he was medically impotent to the more likely reason that she cut him off after he returned from his dalliance with Hell’s Kitchen Kate.

      As far as “giving” versus “receiving,” I really think this is not the place to be discussing STDs, do you?


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