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  1. The idiot followers of Stormfront are so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o different from the idiot followere of the Southern Poverty Law Center. I mean so far the followers of the SPLC have commited more violence against the organization the SPLC 'says' are hate groups than Stormfront followers hatve commited against that list.
    For The Nutshuffling Freak to commit actual violence he'd have to get out of his recliner and work up his courage and nutshuffle to some place he was very sure no one was armed. And don't think he doesn't commit violence in his mind (what there is of a mind).

    1. Lefties sure can find stuff on Stormfront fast. I've never been there,no desire to go there, but they seem quite familiar with the content.

  2. We now interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for this short analytical summary:

    Towards the end of June, BillySez asks, "Is it time to declare victory?" since Schmalfeldt had been relatively quiet over preceding weeks.

    The answer was, NO. He was packing, juggling Greyhound bus schedules and ultimately rollin' down the highway to a new job. Go West, Old Man! Where nobody knows your name. Bonus points, too, for going to a region where The Circuit Court doesn't know your work. Yet.

    Bill Schmalfeldts' KGYN-branded twitter account was established in June. And since that account has since been abandoned (you should see my 'shocked face') we don't have a precise date. Kyle has the wayback machine this weekend and there's only so much bouncing across multiple internet sources I'm inclined to do. Don't call me lazy. Call me Ishmael.

    Krendler reports on Bill's re-entry into public life first week of July.

    That same week, Cousin Roy requests a pool for termination date at AM 1210 KGYN. gb420 comes closest by suggesting August 31, 2018 and that looked like a pretty good estimate. However. After review, the ruling on the field has been overturned (sorry, gb420...) as instant replay shows Schmalfeldt's likely termination date was September 30, 2018. This lines up more neatly with pay period. Same analysis suggests his start date was June 15. Start of pay period.

    Bill Schmalfeldt managed to hold down a minimum wage job, part of which (maybe all of it?) was part-time, for three and a half months.

    Our Stats Department is still going through the history but preliminary analysis is that Schmalfeldt found more work, and for longer, during the first two years of Trump than he did over the last four years of Obama. Perhaps more than even over all eight years of the Obama administration. STRONG ECONOMY GADZOOKS, BatFriends!

    The irony that the US economy rebounded so STRONGLY that even Mathews-Schmalfeldt was able to find work AFTER the Fed Gov't took it's foot off said economy's throat has been entirely lost on our stalwart Progressive DumbFuck. Well, the irony of greater employment numbers nationwide plus the fact he had to change his last name on the KGYN employment application- And he's like, 'Whatevs, Dude. Have you seen my latest Mu-Mu?'

    Even so. It's inarguable that Donald Trump and his policies benefitted Bill Mathews. May Trump continue to succeed even if it means Schmalfeldt is able to find another job. And he needs one. Schmalfeldt finances have been so battered by travel expenses that he's likely staying with Sis in-law (*snort*; 'in-law', get it?) I continue to submit that this should re-set Krendlers clock for cardboard box residency.

    In other news, Brett Kimberlin doesn't run a twitter account. Brett Kimberlin does not run his mouth. Publicly. But, now, Brett Kimberlin will receive a google-alert. And the game's afoot. Unless I'm very much mistaken.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

  3. Can we get a clock counting the number of days from when Bill announced he was going to marry his pink haired beloved. Just to keep up on how long he is keeping her on the hook, when we all know he is never going to go through with it.


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