Gone from the five state Big Talker…

Gone from the free double wide…

Gone from Guymon…

Gone back to South Kackalacky and incipient sister-in-law who sees right through him…

Inquiring minds want to know: did Thor and Loki make the trip, or will Monty be cruelly ripped from the loving arms of his new hooman?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

12 thoughts on “REBRANDING!!”

  1. He just can't help himself. Dumbfucks gotta dumbfuck. And leave a Trail of Animal Tears (or relief, because honestly, can you imagine depending on Dumbfuck to care for you... how did it work out for the Girl in the Clockwise Urn?)

    1. I'm pretty sure Gail has a terrific view of some covefefe grounds and wadded up Depends in whatever town dump she got pitched in. Where was it we actually last saw her chronotaph?

  2. He lasted all of a few months, couldn't even go a year into a job. Wonder if it was the Parkinson's acting up?

  3. "If he can't......make it there, he can't make it .....anyyyyywhere. It's up to you Long Pork, Looooong Pooooooooorrrrrrrk!"

  4. I'm amazed that he has bamboozed the Inflate-A-Boy to stick around as long as xe has. He promised new teeth, marriage, and financial security and has lied to xim about everyone one of them. But I guess even poverty level taxpayer tit sucking can keep a person stocked up on gay anime incest porn.


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