In Which a Poodle Fails

So here we see Very Ordinary Cuck Fifi admitting – at the very least -that WJJ Hoge was once relevant, which is something neither he nor Bill Schmalfeldt have ever been able to claim…

nor have I, except in one very narrow and specific area, that of completely owning Bill Schmalfeldt, a task so simple it’s hardly worth calling relevant; still, we do what we can…

…or, past performance being an indicator of present and future result, I think this is much more likely, Fifi is simply WRONG again.

And Bill, don’t let Fifi wind you up to try and take the pressure off your most excellent serial bomber/domestic terrorist friend. We all know that if the FBI is doing their job they’ve already talked to him.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie