In Case You Ever Wondered How It Would End

If any of Bill Schmalfeldt’s EIGHT FAILED FEDERAL LAWSUITS had gone to trial, they likely would have ended in this way:

A woman who claimed to have incurred more than $300,000 in medical bills after a truck backed into her car, walked out of a DeKalb County courtroom with nothing after defense testimony showed that she swapped out the scarcely damaged car before police arrived with another that had been wrecked years earlier.

— snip —

During a four-day trial, Welborn said he presented testimony from an orthopedic surgeon who had treated Mathis for lower back pain after the 2001 wreck and a chiropractor she had seen, and from a family friend who testified that Mathis had ongoing back problems.

Jackson did not allow evidence about the miscarriage to come in after her OB/GYN deposed that the accident had nothing to with it, Welborn said.

Mathis maintained throughout that she had been driving the Sable and didn’t recall the earlier accidents, he said.

Her sister wasn’t much help either, giving varying accounts of when she arrived at the scene and who was present, Welborn said.

When your claim is horseshit, a jury will smell it like…well, like a big pile of horseshit in an elevator. And we all know that’s ever Bill Schmalfeldt ever had, was a big tub of Slovenian horseshit, and the case of fake butthurt it caused him.


Author: Paul Krendler

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    Was there any action against the lady for fraud? Since it's not Maryland I'm guessing so, unless judge Hecker moved.


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