History – It’s What’s for Breakfast

It’s interesting to note what people so easily forget.

We are spending a lot of time in the political arenas on cable news and talk radio discussing “inflammatory rhetoric.” Right now, everyone is blaming Donald Trump. And I think he does deserve some of that.

I’ve written before that the entrenched political elite do not understand Donald Trump. I stand by that. I haven’t seen anything in the last months to indicate any change on the part of the political/media complex in that regard.  I find it entertaining (also a little disturbing, to be frank) to see them doubling down, over and over, when it comes to their attacks on President Trump.

In one important way, President Trump seems to resemble the Incredible Hulk. Every time someone hits him, he gets a little stronger.  I suppose another useful image is the Catch and Return trope, those moments in movies when a one character catches a thrown object and directs it back at the attacker with fatal effect. I’ve seen this in RED, Kill Bill, and a couple others.

The media and his political adversaries so clearly hate him. They are trying every arrow in the arsenal to destroy him, and he just keeps catching them and sending them right back. It’s uncanny how well Trump makes it work for him.

But I am departing from my intended point.

People forget what came before.

How did we get Trump?

People want to remind us what a horrible candidate Hillary Clinton was. And they are right to do so because she was a horrible candidate. Had she been a Republican, she would have lost the national popular vote by 20 million votes. The things she did and said that were under-reported (when they were reported at all) would have led newscasts for weeks on end. The fact that she enabled her husband’s peccadilloes would have been as constant a refrain as the “Trump peed on Russian hookers!” story was in 2016.

But that’s only a small part of why Trump won. It goes back to 2012.

Mitt Romney, a genuinely nice and good man by all accounts not related to re-electing Barack Obama, was “LITERALLY HITLER!!!!!” in 2012.

He put a dog on the roof of his car! OMG!
He shaved some kid’s head at boarding school, the fiend!
He’s one of those weirdo Mormons (like Harry Reid!), ewwwww!!
And, and, and…he had all of his women bound up, or something!!!


The Democrat/media complex made that happen.  The GOP helped by deciding that it wasn’t worth fighting back against the troops who were doing the actual shooting.

Alinsky Rule 6: “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.” Those people will keep doing it without being told. They won’t let up even if you want them to. And they will refine the tactic without prompting.


Name a more iconic duo.

I’ll wait…

Except that’s not quite narrow enough a definition in 2018, is it?

When was the last time you saw the media make a coordinated effort to take down a Democrat?

I say with a very high degree of confidence – having done no research to back it up – that the media has been propping up and apologizing for Democrats since July 18, 1969, if not longer.

But even the media’s treatment of Romney in 2012 (and his failure to fight back effectively) makes up only a small part of why Trump won in 2016.

It goes back to 2008.

John McCain, the Maverick, no friend of Republicans except those In Name Only, war hero and media darling in all things not related replacing George W. Bush as President in 2008, was – you guessed it! – LITERALLY HITLER!!!!!” in 2008.

Now, I had no love for John McCain as a politician, and I will be the first to admit it.  I’m very fond of Hugh Hewitt’s description: “Great American, terrible senator.” But he wasn’t Hitler, or anything close to it.

That didn’t stop the Democrats (specifically Madonna and some South Carolina jamoke named Dick Harpootlian) from making the heinous claim, nor the media from gleefully repeating it.

Did you ever stop to wonder why, when some known (or unknown) Democrat calls a Republican “LITERALLY HITLER!!!!!” no one in the mainstream media – and I don’t think I’m exaggerating here – no one step up to a microphone and says, “You know, he’s really not.”

But just call Barack Obama a “secret Muslim” one time…

I digress.

Eventually…every Republican is LITERALLY HITLER!!! Except Paul Ryan, who just pushes grandmas in wheelchairs over cliffs after a last meal of Fancy Feast.

But all the rest? LITERALLY HITLER!!!!!

And McCain was no help. He made himself easy pickings with his selfishness and desire to be loved by the media. He smiled benignly while they stabbed him in the back (and the front) over and over again.  How else to explain the fact that he showed more deference to his opponent than he did to the woman he chose as a running mate, even to his dying day and beyond?

Did I mention that I never cared much for John McCain?

But the media’s contempt for McCain (and that’s what it was – the contempt of the cool kids for the outsider whom they can make do anything to get in the fraternity…someday, maybe after you’re dead), and their corresponding and indefatigable efforts to anoint Barack Obama as the Savior, the Lightbringer, the King of the Creased Pant Leg…these too, constitute a fraction of what led to Trump’s stunning victory in 2016.

It goes back to 2004.

President George W. Bush had already been tagged as “Chimpy McBushitler” by the anti-war crowd by then, and many assassination memes had been created, even before the 2004 election campaign.

But it was the September 8, 2004 hit piece on CBS’ 60 Minutes II, where Dan Rather and Mary Mapes detailed accusations of preferential treatment surrounding President Bush’s service in the Texas Air National Guard in 1973, that really was the highlight of the election season.

Without rehashing it all (and boy, do I remember some vicious back and forth at the time!):

  • There was a coordinated media blitz of the story – TV on Wednesday, front page NYT and WaPo Thursday morning;
  • Before the broadcast concluded some bloggers called the authenticity of the documentation into question;
  • The media played offense, attacking the bloggers (they hadn’t yet graduated to doxing meme-makers, though);
  • They also played defense, defending the story and the documentation;
  • Eventually, it all fell apart on the media;
  • Rather and Mapes were fired;
  • Bush was re-elected;
  • And the media vowed to do better next time (not at journalism…at Republican hitjobs)

You see, he was the President when the towers fell on 9/11. On the day when Osama bin Laden showed the world how hard America could be hit after years of insufficient American responses to jihadi aggression. After 9/11, there was no one who thought America could continue to stand idly by.

At the same time – there were many who were opposed to what George Bush did. I believe that they would have opposed whatever he had chosen to do, simply because it was he who had the power to make the call.

Because, you see…

George Bush being re-elected is really only a very small part of why Trump won in 2016.

It goes back to 2000.

To be very, very precise – it goes back to Florida.

The endless recounts. The hanging chads, the pregnant chads, Katherine Harris, David Boies, the buses full of paid protestors…

And finally…five old white men who said “Enough.” And set half a nation on a path of anger and insanity from which they have never wavered. Not even after every press outlet dutifully reported that – when all was said and done, there were never going to be enough votes in Florida to push Gore over the top.

In 2000, the Left were willing to count ballots for as long as it took to come up with enough votes to win Florida, and never mind that if Al Gore had simply won his home state of Tennessee OR his boss’s state of Arkansas, Florida would never have been an issue.  They simply failed.

In 2004, the Left were willing to do anything – run with false stories about George Bush’s service or equally false stories about John Kerry’s honor – to prevent the re-election of a President they had never considered legitimate and were never going to be convinced otherwise.

You can’t move a crazy person by reason, logic or fact.

If there’s one consistent thing I’ve seen in the last 18 years, that’s it.

Only crazy appeals to crazy.

In 2004, the Left found their Savior in Barack Obama, and they set about making him President. The media focused energy and resources like they had never done before on building him up, hiding every controversial detail of his past (Bill Ayers? Never heard of him! Tony Rezko? Who? College transcripts – why would you want to know about those? Look at all the articles he published as editor of the Harvard Law Rev- oh, wait, never mind.) and ignoring every gaffe. And by God, he could read a TelePrompter! And that jump shot! He’s soooooo cooooool!!

And as I said, John McCain made it easy in 2008. By being Hitler and all.

Then the Republicans rolled over for Obamacare.

And SCOTUS rolled too. It’s a TAX! IT’s a PENALTY!

It’s a floor wax, AND a dessert topping!

In 2012, Mitt Romney tried to overcome the media, and did it in a manner consistent with his overall character – with fairness, decorum and good taste. The media of course, would have none of it, because he was LITERALLY HITLER, y’all!

You know what else was a big help to Trump?

This little thing you’re looking at right now!

The Internet.


People saw this stuff happening in real time. And they remembered. And anytime they feel like, “Hey, these sexually charged allegations against a SCOTUS nominee seem kind of familiar,” they can find the last time it happened, how stupid it was then, and how it turned out.

You can find all the poor treatment of Bush, and all the blogging of the aftermath. You can even find the revisionist bullshit movie that Robert Redford and Cate Blanchett made.

You can find all the poor treatment of McCain by the media, how they strung him along and propped him up until he won the nomination, and then turned on him like the wolves they are. And you can laugh at how McCain never saw it coming, the idiot.

You can find all the poor treatment of Romney and his wife.

And you can read all the archives of all the blogs and see for yourself, the slow, slow, ever so slow buildup of conservative anger – at the Democrats, at the media, and perhaps most of all at the complicit GOP establishment, so dedicated to staying in Washington that they have forgotten what they are there to do.

And that – THAT! – is what Donald Trump tapped into.

People are angry.  People have been angry for a long time.

The media may have seen it. They may even have THOUGHT they understood the anger. They may have thought they understood the problem.

But if they thought that, they were wrong.

They are the problem.

And they are the reason we have Trump.

They made hay off him throughout the 2016 primary season, just as they did to John McCain. They built up Trump and cheered him on as he picked off the real threats in the field, Bush, Rubio and Cruz. And when he clinched the nomination, just as they did to McCain, the knives came out.

Unfortunately for the media, Trump is not a politician. He’s not limited in the way politicians are. He doesn’t have to lie to you with a smile. He doesn’t have to treat the press with undeserved respect and deference.

He saw it coming. He fired back. A lot.

He took a lot of arrows. But he knew they would come.

And he apologized so many times! Well…a lot of times. Some. A few.

He NEVER apologized. He refused to bow and scrape. He was – still is – a unique monster in the political sphere.

A president who doesn’t need to be president.

I really think Donald Trump ran for president on a lark, not expecting to win but knowing that he could. I think on election night, when the Javits Center in Brooklyn was dark, cold and drowning in liberal tears, Donald Trump was not quite – almost! But not quite – as surprised as the rest of America when he beat the odds.

He doesn’t need the press, except for target practice. And many thanks to Jim Acosta for wearing that target every day.

And the press haven’t figured out the solution to Trump.  Or, perhaps they have.

Because this is the Thinking Man’s Zombie, it always comes back to a DUMBFUCK…

It was never me who was going to lose.  It was always Bill Schmalfeldt. He was always going to have to run away and hide forever under the porch like the coward he is.

I’m still here, doing my thing.

Waiting for the DOOM CLOCK to expire.

He moved. To Wisconsin. To Iowa. To South Carolina. To Iowa again (ooh, so close!). To South Carolina. To Oklahoma. To South Carolina.

So many blogs. So many Twitter handles.

Where’s he blogging now? Oh, he’s not? He wished us all into the cornfield again?

Sure he did.

And I’m still here, doing my thing.

And Trump does his thing.

And the press refuses to see that they can’t beat him with the current playbook.

A lot of people lost faith in the press before 2016.

I think a lot more have lost faith since.

And the media does not know how to do anything but what they have always done.

And nothing will change until they learn a new trick.

We’ll just keep getting more Trump. Because not changing is EXACTLY HOW YOU GET MORE TRUMP.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

3 thoughts on “History – It’s What’s for Breakfast”

  1. Very thoughtful post. I explained Trump to Number Two Son the same way you did using McCain and Romney as examples. Trump is not the disease he's the reaction.

    Agree almost entirely with what you wrote. I take exception to "...Republicans rolled over for ObamaCare". They did not. Republicans opposed ObamaCare unanimously. However. Olympia Snowe (R. Maine) DID let the bill OUT of the Republican-controlled Senate committee which ultimately led to John Roberts' failure of intellect. And principle. Law, too- Our robed masters indicate that the Federal Government CAN force you to buy broccoli.

    Schmalfeldt. Bill Schmalfeldt indicates he no longer reads this or any other blog concerning him personally. I don't believe that. But. IF it's true then he's going to miss on me outing Paul Krendlers' true identity right now.

    The much sought purveyor of The Thinking Man's Zombies is... Angelo Codevilla.

    I defy any or all of you to read https://americanmind.org/essays/our-revolutions-logic/ and tell me that's not Krendler. Minus the dancing monkeys. Whom I miss. But I comfort myself knowing they'll be back. Shortly.

    So there you go, DumbF5ck- Now you know the name you can use your mad skillz to track Codevilla down and sue his ass. Brett Kimberlin will be more than happy to help you.

    Oh, wait... Legal tells me that in order the cover my own ass in the upcoming lawsuit(s) I need to indicate there's a 49% probability that Krendler isn't Codevilla but... TMZ is really Robert Higgs. Think I'm kidding (or exposed)? Read https://fee.org/articles/do-we-really-consent-to-be-governed/ I report you decide.

    Doesn't matter. Codevilla or Higgs. One of those guys is Krendler. I'm sure of it. And you can take that straight to the nearest South Carolina Waffle House.

    And IF I'm wrong I'll buy each and every one of you a "vente all-fat macchiato Johnnie Walker Red label jalapeño pumpkin butthurt. Hold the spice, don’t need the room. But do put sprinkles on top.”

  2. A most excellent summary of how we got here. I'll bet Schmalballs wishes he could convey his ideas half as clear and succinct as you do.

  3. If the Republicans keep the house, they will have to accept that Trump brought it to them. And if they were smart, they'd learn their lesson before the media does.


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