Using the Same Timetable…

I guess you can expect me to “move on with my life” in about six more years then!

Question for you, Mister I’ve-Moved-On – have ALL the restraining orders expired yet, stalker?

Oh, DUMBFUCK – would that you had only listened to me rather than giving in to your inner demons when you ran across someone more intelligent, more focused and more dedicated than you (though I think we both know that’s not saying much).


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

3 thoughts on “Using the Same Timetable…”

  1. One of Dumbfuck Bill Mathews-Schmalfeldt's first comments to me was a taunt that he had many more Twitter followers than me. I'm still here Capt. Testepede, who are you now? I mean today. I realize you'll be someone else by Tuesday.

    PS nice to know you still fear me enough to renew the block on me at every new name.


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