Stolen Valor Parkinson’s Faking Liar Says What?


Author: Paul Krendler

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19 thoughts on “Stolen Valor Parkinson’s Faking Liar Says What?”

  1. He does know that President Trump is right about that number doesn't he? I mean that over 3000 number is just WAG.

    The study did not count actual bodies on the ground, or look at how they died. It calculated the total number of deaths in the period under discussion, and compared them to death tolls in the same period in previous years, then classified the discrepancy as "hurricane Maria deaths". It did so without actual, physical evidence that the hurricane or its aftermath had actually caused the deaths in question - it simply assumed that. This was a purely statistical analysis.

    Follow all the links.

    1. Very similar to the phony research published in Lancet just before the 2004 election designed to "show" that the war in Iraq 'caused' 100,000 extra deaths. That research was possibly worse, because it also showed a 5% or so chance that the bombing raised 5000 or so from the dead.

  2. bill schmalfeldt AKA bill mathews committed perjury in this court filing, just look for the word tires.

    1. Dam forgot to put in the link.

  3. Bill Schmalfeldt is living his dream. He has a platform. His management knows exactly who he is, by now, and backs him.

    Bill Schmalfeldts' audience does not know who he is. Newspapers in KGYNs markets don't know who Bill Schmalfeldt is.

    How would I determine what it costs to rent a billboard in Guymon? Asking for a friend.


    I will make no comments, but the story sounds eerily familiar.

    1. To paraphrase a hack science fiction writer

      The one thing you must never do, though, is to think of it as a commentary on the current subject of this blog post.

      Unless, that is, you want to.

  5. This post tells us two things about him:

    He never listened to his Mom, probably because he hates all women especially her.

    He never learned to stop using damn baby talk. grow the fuck up.

  6. Oh ho ho! Guymon rates are way reasonable. As you might expect.

    This is doable. What? Bill, you have no problem with The Truth.... Right?

    1. I may need help with the graphic. Later today I'll install GIMP and give it a try. May need help from Vigilans Vindex because I really don't have any more than rudimentary graphics skills.

      What I have in mind, currently, is the pic where he's holding the AR-15. That graphic will be on the left. On the right, bullet points detailing greatest hits from

      The 'headline' will say something like 'Bill Mathews Schmalfeldt of KGYN AM 1210' I know I want something better but I don't know what. Will have to solicit suggestions.

      The bottom banner will say "google bill schmalfeldt"

      Let me get back to you on all this over the next couple of days. I have an appointment on a golf course this morning.

      1. We only would need the "Bill"board for the shortest time period of 4 weeks. With the number of Horde\Lickspittles\"Friends of Bill" there are, crowdfunding would be easy.


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