Rejected Political Book Titles

Lately I have been seeing a lot of lists of rejected children’s book titles. It’s an old joke, but the titles endure, you can find them yourself if you like.

One in particular struck me as relevant in the last couple of days, you see it on almost every list:

You Are Different and That’s Bad

What struck me about this title is that by switching two words, the title summarizes the current Leftist philosophy, strategy and tactical intent quite neatly…

TRUMP IS Different and That’s Bad

That’s astute, I think.  Also, inspiriational.

Here’s a list of rejected political book titles, some based on titles found elsewhere, and some not:

  1. Trump Is Different and That’s Bad
  2. MS-13 Has the Best Candy
  3. Mom’s New Wife Caitlyn
  4. The Only Good Republican Is John McCain
  5. Socialism Works! You Just Aren’t Doing It Right
  6. HACKED! Sending Dirty Pictures and Getting Away with It
  7. No Human Is Illegal Unless They’re Not Born Yet
  8. Curious Yang Chen and the Email Server in the Bathroom
  9. Things Politicians Have but You Never Will
  10. Don’t Cry, Jimmy! A White House Press Briefing
  11. The Little Sissy Who Snitched – The Seth Rich Story
  12. Ugly Harvey Was So Bad He Can’t Even Buy Friends
  13. Timmy Votes the Wrong Way to Be Your Friend
  14. Antifa: Using Playground Violence to Get Your Way
  15. F Tha Police! Tomorrow’s Crime Victim Speaks Out Today
  16. Gender Dysphoria and You: A Guide by The Baskin-Robbins Sex Change Institute
  17. Why Nothing Reasonable Happens In Washington: Insufficient Opportunities for Graft and Corruption
  18. Obamacare Is Like Shit: You Have to Pass It to Find Out What’s in It
  19. How Much Is Your Fair Share? And Other Questions Democrats Can’t Answer
  20. Unemployed and Saddled with Debt: Your Gender Studies Degree
  21. Senator Reid and the Filibuster: A Lesson in Karma

Please – add your own contributions!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

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