Obviously There Is Only One Option

To get at the truth, the Democrats require only that Judge Kavanaugh be dunked in a barrel of water for 15 minutes to determine whether or not he is guilty of the sexual misconduct allegations they’ve trumped up against him.

If he dies, well, obviously he was innocent. Oops.

If he lives, then he’s guilty.  BURN  THE WITCH!!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

3 thoughts on “Obviously There Is Only One Option”

    1. An interesting thought. Pity this is only the Internet and there's a whole other real world out there to spend time in...

    2. I hear a guy named Bill Mathews, of KGYN in Guymon OK, is a HUGE fan of Kritzinger. Maybe because of that he hides his real last name of Schmalfeldt. Or maybe he hides it because of all the restraining orders against him. Or because that was the name he used when adopting and then abandoning pets (the final solution when they aren't cute kittens or puppies anymore). Or maybe because anyone seeing the name Schmalfeldt on the internet just points, laughs, and mocks the man.


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