Who Can It Be, Knockin’ At My Door?

Imagine all the people…livin’ life in pe-eace, woo-oo-ooh.

Poor DUMBFUCK. Can’t stop being a Peeping Tom, can’t stop leaving huge fucking internet footprints under the windowsills.

Don’t go away mad, DUMBFUCK.  Just go away.

You too, balloon bitch.

#Where’sStGotCU? #Goodwill?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

4 thoughts on “Who Can It Be, Knockin’ At My Door?”

  1. Is Bill Schmalfeldt AKA Bill Matthews of Guymon OK, the adjudicated stalker with a double digit number of restraining orders using KGYN company resources to continue his pursuit and harassment of individuals? Say it ain't so !!

    1. It is too early to say for sure. But knowing what a hypocrite he is, I strongly suspect that he does not follow the strict rules about “personal internet use on company time and resources” that he has always loved to tattletale out to others’ employers.

      1. I like to think that some local fellow doesn't much care for change in tone of the local morning show, and fired up the old searching-machine to find out where that annoying dumbass came from.

      2. IIRC, you can actually sue someone's employer if that person says things you don't like regardless of whether you were on the clock or using company resources to say it.

        Of course, you kinda have to be a DUMBFUCK to do that, but you can do it, at least until the wind cries RANDAZZA. Then you piss your pants and lose your voice and drop your LOLsuit.


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