TRUMP 2020

In November, 2016, the choices at the top of the ticket were bleak.

For the Republicans, I thought Donald Trump had shown himself to be a populist, a narcissist, a policy ignorant boob, entirely unqualified for the political realities of the highest office in the land.

For the Democrats, I thought Hillary Clinton was an entitled leader of an elitist party, a consummate politician in contrast to Trump, but transparently capable of any dirty trick on either side of the line separating lawful from unlawful in her pursuit of the position she had cynically pursued since 1992 or longer.

And…I was right. Boy was I right.

I couldn’t morally vote for either one of them, and I didn’t. But I did vote.  I live in a state where the outcome of the vote and the electoral votes conferred was not ever in doubt. This afforded me some freedom.

I voted for a concept more than I did for a candidate whose values aligned with mine.  Federal election rules call for a party whose candidate receives at least 5% of the popular vote to receive federal matching funds in the next cycle. So in my state, that left me the opportunity to leverage my choice for either Jill Stein of the Green Party or Libertarian Gary Johnson.  Neither had a chance of winning my state, so I chose the candidate closest to my values – Johnson.

Let me reiterate here: I knew Johnson couldn’t win my state, and I knew the candidate who eventually DID win my state would do so with or without my vote; my hope was that Johnson could reach 5% of the national popular vote.

He didn’t.  In this sense, I was not a winner in the 2016 election.

In another sense, I was.  I voted, and thus retained my right to complain about anything I damn well please, but I didn’t vote for Hillary, nor did I vote for Trump.  CAN’T BLAME ME!

Trump won.  And, as expected, he has been a boorish asshole.

He tweets too much, and is unrestrained in his rhetoric.

He is undiplomatic and angry.

He screws porn stars. The best Bill Clinton could do was an intern and, as James Carville put it, the kind of woman you’d get if you dragged a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park.

Trump marries supermodels.  Hillary married a man who gets blowjobs from White House interns attracts the kind of woman you’d attract if you dragged a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park.

Trump requires loyalty from his people, while he also gives second, third and fourth chances to staffers who clearly do not deserve it.

He lacks the politician’s ability to fake sincerity.

He is so politically inexperienced that he can’t even pretend to respect the media that would drive him out of office if they could.

He treats those who don’t like him, who disagree with him, who insult him behind his back and who constantly try to cut him down in a manner much like I treat people who don’t like me, who disagree with me, who insult me behind my back and who try to cut me down.

There’s are many reasons I have never run for public office, but one of the biggest is I lack the required temperament. I have trouble pretending that the disrespectful assholes I deal with are worthy of my respect.

Kind of like Trump does.

But funny things happen around Trump.  And they happen often enough that it’s worth noticing in Washington D.C. where such things don’t often happen.


Tax cuts.

Conservative justices to the federal courts.

Stunning economic progress.

Diplomatic successes from an administration not afraid to fail along the way.

And it’s that last one that for me is vitally important. Donald Trump doesn’t appear to give a damn what you think of him.  He’s going to do what he wants, fuck you very much.

THAT…I have a lot of respect for that. And I notice that the people who voted for him feel very much the same.

Yes, Donald Trump is an asshole, but he GETS SHIT DONE.


The stock market is roaring (while the media is telling me how horrible it is that my 401K balance is up 25% over the last 18 months). Unemployment is down to historic lows (especially among minorities, who the media tells me Trump REALLY REALLY HATES WHEN NO ONE CAN SEE HIM). Income taxes are down and incomes are up (but these thousand dollar bonuses are only CRUMBS compared to the $20 increases that San Fran Nan praised while The Lightbringer was in office). America is renegotiating trade deals that have placed American businesses at a disadvantage for years (while the media is dutifully finding the outliers who are being hurt by them). Even San Francisco is tasking work crews to clean up the piles of human waste piling up in their streets thanks to their liberal housing policies.

It’s amazing how well things are going, how many things have turned around in just 18 months, and how terrible the media and Democrats want to make me feeeeeeel about it all. And vote for them.

Because, in case you missed it – Donald Trump is an asshole.

Well, DUH.

He’s not the first asshole to be elected President.  He may only be the first to make no effort to pretend to be otherwise.

And what was he elected to do?

HINT: He was not elected America’s Mister Nice Guy. He certainly wasn’t elected to be Jim Acosta’s Self-Esteem Validation Machine.

And if he’s on the ballot in 2020, you can bet your ass I’m going to vote for the prick.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

9 thoughts on “TRUMP 2020”

  1. Couldn't agree more. Word for word verbatim dittoes from me.

    What's amazing to me is how bad Trump has made the last 4 Presidents look. Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama. All were total creatures of Government. All served by little grey men and women whispering in their ear about what is and is not appropriate. All 4 totally and terribly conventional. Call the Chinese out? You can't do that. Negotiate trade one on one vice negotiating to the least common denominator based on either the strongest or weakest country in a group of countries? You can't do that. Call NATO out on not fulfilling mutually agreed upon commitments? You can't do that. Advocate for the people in the US over and above those in any other country? You can't do that. It's just not done. Question why we're importing people, illiterate in their native language, from shithole countries in to a increasingly high(er)-skilled economy? You can't do that.

    But Trump did.

    Our economy was always going to recover the quarter after Obama left office. That's what happens when you take the Fed Gov'ts foot off the economy's throat. Or even, just loosen the pressure a little. Trump has done that. The regulations this man has cut is a success story the Republican Establishment can't grasp. But American Business can.

    Donald J. Trump is a asshole. He's mostly clueless with respect to how to manipulate the levers of government. Trump is intemperate, narcissistic and thin-skinned. I love the guy. Trump cares about America more than he cares about the rest of the world. And so he's my guy. Trump has produced results I never thought I'd see in my lifetime.

    Last election, I myself wrote in Ted Cruz. Next election I'll not only be voting for Donald Trump but I'll also be donating money.

  2. Agree with your screed, nice turnabout didn't see it coming. I would disagree with the comment about Paula Jones, she doesn't deserve any of that, she was never trailer park trash and the only reason that line is bandied about is because that scurrilous dog Carville needed to try and taint her in his grovelling service to the rapist and the power mad murdered.

    1. You’re right, she doesn’t deserve any of that and she never did. She certainly deserved it less that the Vanity Fair cover girl and shiny new Feminist Icon treatment that Stormy Daniels is getting.

      And in the end, Paula Jones was worth a lot more than $100.

      $850K and a surrendered law license, if I remember right.

      At a mere $130,000, Stormy is a very cheap whore in comparison.

      1. If I have the numbers right, Cohen was paid a total of like $460K for that deal. Which means Cohen made $330K for it and he didn't have to blow Trump.

        The kid Asia Argento diddled? Got more than Daniels and Karen McDougal combined, by $100K or so.

  3. Yep. I reluctantly voted for Trump, and did so not expecting him to win, but refusing to give any more margin to Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit.

    I've never been happier to be wrong about a political question, as I have been about Trump's commitment to his campaign promises, and his sheer effectiveness at making them happen.

  4. I posted, two weeks before the election, that Trump had a chance to win Michigan (where I live). I was basing that on watching the locals and listening to my students. I also said that if he won Michigan he would probably win the election. However, I had voted absentee for a fifth party candidate (I still think something happened to Johnson after he left his governorship) and didn't really want to go vote just to change to Trump.
    I had been calling him a "short-fingered vulgarian" (That was originally from a British magazine in the late 70s I think, perhaps Spy) forever and just couldn't stand his personality. However, while I certainly disagree with many of his policy moves, the good things he has done and the fact that he's made the Crazy Left demonstrate their true nature far outweigh any negatives.
    In 2020 I would vote for him just to make his opponents even crazier.

    1. Johnson smoking too much weed. When you use it daily, it does take time for your brain to recover. I don't know that he had it.

  5. On another note, the vast majority of my academic colleagues *still* haven't accepted why Trump won, and they continue to denigrate anyone who doesn't castigate Trump. Well, they don't really denigrate me. One colleague told me, "We all think you're crazy, and most of us think you're armed."
    It really is interesting watching them try to align their views with Reality as they twist and turn. They can kind of feel that "the herd" is not all following them anymore, but they haven't yet figured out why.

  6. Trump may have been unable to fake sincerity. But he did a better job of it than Hillary. And he didn't write off half of the electorate as deplorables. He likely thought that, but he had enough sense to keep it to himself.


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