Speaking of Tragedies

It might be tragic if you believed Trump cares what ANYONE thinks of him, considering a long and documented record simply not giving a fuck about anything but getting the deal done.

On the other hand, I think it would be a serious mistake to believe that Bill Mathews of KGYN Guymon Oklahoma (born Bill Schmalfeldt, documented disease faking, valor stealing, restraining order collecting, turd sniffing, shitrolling toddlerstalking pro se failure, gets the same level respect from his best friends that John McCain gets from his worst enemies.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

6 thoughts on “Speaking of Tragedies”

  1. Bi-partisan love for Maverick? He can burn in hell for McCain-Feingold, keeping Obamacare alive, and his treatment of Sarah Palin. Son of a bitch didn't have the balls to SAY he was a Democrat, he just acted that way except for 3 months every 6 years..

    There are almost as many veterans waiting to piss on his grave as there are for John Kerry.

  2. At least the remains of McCain will be treated with dignity by his family. Unlike those of the departed wife of Bill Matthews of KGYN radio; AKA Bill Schmalfeldt, holder of the numerous restraining orders including one from a 3 year old child.

  3. Think anyone will have anything nice to say about Schmalfeldt when he dies? I knew a true sociopath who was shot to death from ambush at age 40. When asked if he had any suspects, the Sheriff said, "I suspect anyone who ever even met that son-of-a-bitch." Said that to a nearby daily paper, on the record. (The killing was in a smallish population county.)
    The *nicest* thing I heard anyone say about him was a local business owner who said, "Well, at least the *sshole didn't cause any trouble when he came in here. 'course, he knew I'd ban him if he did."
    Bill won't get anything as respectful as those two comments. And if you should not speak ill of the dead nothing at all is likely to be said at his passing.

  4. Technically, for Schmalfeldt's story to become a tragedy his life would have a scintilla of capacity to do good and leave a positive outcome. Instead, he's ended up as you'd expect from a non-talented liar. He was in no danger of having integrity much less a life of remarkable stature. Instead, he failed to disappoint in being disappointing.

    Still, even with him, there was hope. No one could ever see it, but like the unicorns on which hope rests,it was there in his dreams. Too bad his ability to turn hope into reality was missing


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