And Guess What, DUMBFUCK?

Oh, how I remember the LOLSUITS and blog posts, peppered with your complaints that no one would let you comment on their sites anymore! You had a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT, GODDAMN IT!! to defend yourself from the consequences of your lies.

Obviously, you feel differently now.  Other than the political bent of the person being censored, what’s changed?

I guess all Alex Jones has to do is follow the Schmalfeldt-Mathews Ban Avoidance Method: get another email address and sign up again. I think you were up over 200 Twitter handles at last count, am I close?

This is an opportune moment, though, to offer yet another reminder of why you were, why you are, and why you always shall be – WRONG:

  1. Denying you the right to post or comment at DailyKos (where you were banned twice for insulting protected classes) wasn’t a violation of your First Amendment rights. It was you getting banned for being an asshole.
  2. Denying you the right to post or comment at The Examiner (where you were banned for behaving unprofessionally toward your commenters) wasn’t an infringement of your First Amendment rights. It was you getting banned for being an asshole.
  3. Denying you the right to comment at Hogewash! was also not an infringement of your First Amendment rights. My guess is it was a result of you behaving like an asshole.
  4. Denying you the right to comment at Sonoran Conservative was also not an infringement of your First Amendment rights. It was just you suffering the consequences of being an asshole.
  5. placing your comments in moderation here at Thinking Man’s Zombie is not an infringement of your First Amendment rights. It was just a response to you being an asshole.

You visit almost every day, but you never comment anymore…are you really trying to get on with your life in peace? I don’t think so.  But clearly that reporter does. You’re quite the bullshit artist with new friends who haven’t figured you out yet, and we all know it.

Anyway, have a great…life?… out there in the wilds of the Dust Bowl.  I hope a twister doesn’t take your trailer unless I’m there to see it.

And take my advice: keep a good distance from the real world. There’s zombies out there.



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

17 thoughts on “And Guess What, DUMBFUCK?”

  1. Anyone for a pool on how long it takes for the fourth estate to bet bit by the Schmalfeldt Curse in Guymon?

    I mean, its not like he had to change his name and move to a far away and unknown place to escape his past right? The SSA checks still arrive every month right?

    1. Bill Schmalfeldt ( @BillMathewsKGYN) is already edging closer, ever closer, to fullblown anti-Trump diatribe on his KGYN-branded twitter feed. Clearly it's weighing on him. Heavily. Got a public (broadcasting) forum and has to suppress his personal political views which are likely antithetical to those of the majority of his audience.

      The boy can't help himself.

      OTOH, it's good Bill Schmalfeldt now has the opportunity to bring enlightenment to the frickin' mouth-breathers (ummm... I are one, myself; but having had to work for a living I'm not remotely susceptible to his point of view). Downside to moving to OK is I wonder if Di has to change her hair color to something more appropriate for a fully mature woman.

      Sarah Jeong, who?

      HEY! That's THE ticket! Small market radio first and before you know it you're chief political correspondent for the New York Times!

    2. Probably...but his fraud looms in the rearview mirror as more complaints to SSA IG office pile up with specifics and publicly available proof/facts attached to complaints filed by citizens. the Chicken is coming home to roost Bill... no escaping your frauds with SSA and Dept HHS Pensions ... Enjoy the federal Bureau of Prisons ... not as nice as you think ... even at Club Fed you have to work 10 hours a day for .15 an hour... which they Keep over half of... and the hospital units are medium security... ask Kimby how medium security is ... ai was minimum the whole 3 years I spent in... you'll be medium because of the character of your offenses.

  2. So looks like the "love of his life" and "Monty the cat" will not be making the trip out to join him.

      1. Really, other than concern for the cat’s welfare, who cares where the wind blows the Inflataskank?

        Prediction: xhe is going to HATEHATEHATE Innartubes throughput out there in Rubeville. MMPGing will SUCK.

        1. Where went his disdain and mockery of anyone gaming?
          I recall receiving much of it from him once.
          How does the pink topped one feelz about it?

  3. I'm still not clear how Bill Mathews aka William Schmalfeldt- the valor stealing Parkinson's FAKiNG shitbag (#whereiseveryanimalyouevertookinoverthast3years)- passed a background and credit check to get this job in the first place, unless his employer chose to ignore it for fear of discrimination against the "disabled" (no quotes big enough here, folks).

    1. He'll ride that pony until after he is proven a fake by his post mortem cranial exam and brain autopsy.(The only way to prove Parkinson's) Several others of us here suffer from Parkinson's too ... we rarely mention it and never to influence people or to gain sympathy or advantage ... what a bloviating bag of fecal gas ...

  4. I'm surprised he still has a job, but let's see how long he lasts without our "help." He's gone for a month, and is starting to show his true colors.

    My bet is, two weeks from now he's the same turd-rolling-and-sniffing Bill Schmalfelt we all know and loathe, and he shows it to his audience. Four weeks from now he's unemployed, in Greenland. "Fezzik, don't say that." OK, Unemployed, in Oklahoma without air conditioning in August? Now there is the one circumstance where Bill actually garners some sympahty from me. But my response is still, FOAD, and melt where you stand...

    BTW, in his latest LOLsuit, Bill assured me that this was a _daily_ hate screed? Haven't seen many hate screeds, let alone daily updates... Asking for a friend...

  5. I wonder when the folks who own KGYN notice that Bill Mathews aka Bill Schmalfeldt, aka disgusting fake Parkinson's valor wannabe sure is spending a lot of time flogging his own product on their nickel. That's pretty much all his twitter page is, Dumbfuck plugs, while the actual KGYN twitter page has languished since he encapsulated this latest food particle.
    Anyone listening in to the radio show? How many free plugs is he getting away with? I'm guessing he thinks air time is free to him.

  6. You "guess" he got banned for being an asshole?

    That's some real Carnac the Magnificent level psychic action...


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