Why Do They HATE Him So Much?

I think it’s a pretty simple explanation, really.

Donald Trump is different.

My honest opinion of George Washington is that he was not a politician.  He was a classically educated Renaissance man of his times.  He was a land surveyor. A militiaman. A planter and land investor. He was a political figure, but not anything like anything we see today.  Elected before the advent of powerful political parties, he thought much and spoke little; in the feud between Jefferson and Hamilton he refused to take sides publicly.

In all the years since, not one other president has acted with such diplomacy, nor faced so little criticism. Washington benefited from his station and from his status as a Revolutionary war hero.

Since his time, American politics has rarely if ever crossed a period of such political harmony. Partisan rancor has been the rule, especially over the last half century.

The other important evolution in politics is the “lifetime public servant.” Washington desired power so little that he had to be convinced to serve as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention. He eschewed the grandiose titles his peers wished to bestow upon him as President, and he stepped down after two terms even though popular sentiment could have kept him in office until his death.

Washington was different.

Trump is also different.

Let’s be clear: Trump is no Washington. Trump isn’t Lincoln or Reagan or Coolidge or even George W. Bush.

He is different.

He is not a politician. He is not a diplomat. He is not a military hero. He is not any of the things that Americans expect their presidents to be.

He is different.

And the political establishment on both sides of the aisle DOES NOT UNDERSTAND HIM.

Frankly, neither do I.

But I do understand this:

I think this simple statement provides the best available explanation of the socio-political phenomenon we call “Never Trump” on the right and “#Resist” on the left.

One thing that makes Trump different is that he appears to be far more focused on getting things done, with very little interest in the process of HOW things get done.

And in a very short time, he has exposed most of the Washington establishment in this regard. There are very, very few politicos in the Beltway with his experience in business.  For good or ill, where Trump is, THINGS HAPPEN. For years and years and years, Washington has been a noise machine where things get talked about but rarely happen. Trump is tipping that paradigm on its head.

The establishment does not understand that.

They fear it.

Because they fear it, they hate it. And their hate needs a target.

And the target is Donald Trump.

But Donald Trump is different.

All available evidence suggests that Donald Trump doesn’t care who hates him, as long as THINGS GET DONE…

…and he gets the credit for it. (Everyone has flaws)

Trump’s adversaries don’t want to understand him. I think they just want to beat him into submission and get rid of him.

(I think Cocaine Mitch gets Trump a little bit…or if not, he at least understands how together he and Trump can reshape the Judicial branch for the next three or four decades. But McConnell is an outlier.)

A lot of people like the comparison of “They’re playing checkers but he’s playing chess.” I don’t think that holds up here.

I think the Establishment is at war with Trump, but he isn’t playing their game.  They throw bricks at him and expect him to be hurt, to fall over. But that hasn’t ever been his nature or character.  He just keeps getting bigger. I think he takes all the bricks they throw his way, and uses them to build a bigger castle, and begs them to throw more.

As I said before, I don’t understand Trump.  Especially what happened in Helsinki yesterday.  But a rational observer who has been paying attention probably would not go far wrong to anticipate that there just might be something going on here that hasn’t been predicted.

We shall see.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

16 thoughts on “Why Do They HATE Him So Much?”

  1. Someone said gee hes harder on mexico than he is on Russia

    Well mexico doesnt have nukes, a massive army on the border of our friends

  2. Russia isn't propping up their corruptocracy with remittances from illegal aliens.

    I'll explain Helsinki: Trump doesn't care about his subordinates' butthurt. He has little reason to trust the intelligence apparatchiks who tried to sabotage his campaign and are engaged in a slow-motion coup against his Presidency, and he's not about to directly insult Putin as a liar when the man is standing right next to him.

    And if he had? The same schlubs screaming TREASON now would be accusing him of warmonging savagery.

    1. The last sentence is very much my view of things, “if I were Trump:”

      If you’re going to catch hell from your critics no matter what you do, you might as well do whatever the hell you want.

      1. From Trump's tweets on July 15:
        "Unfortunately, no matter how well I do at the Summit, if I was given the great city of Moscow as retribution for all of the sins and evils committed by Russia...
        ...over the years, I would return to criticism that it wasn’t good enough – that I should have gotten Saint Petersburg in addition!"

  3. President Trump is President because he's the President, The United States needs, but not the one it deserves right now.

    He was elected to shake up things and he is doing THAT quite well.

  4. Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

    No. Really.

    Trump is behaving more or less as I expected. Having had to deal with crooked unions myself, it seems to me that Trump is dealing with his adversaries in much the same way he has dealt with unions during his business career. Rather that allowing himself to be opted into the current system, he's making his own rules—and getting away with it.

  5. Good analysis, Paul.

    I pretty much think Trump is a lizard but, MAN do I like his policies and what he's done! DJT sure has made GWB look bad. You're seeing the difference between a 'creature of government', that's W, and a true OUTSIDER. Voters say they want a outsider and now, for the first time, they're seeing one. Unpolished, unfamiliar with the levers of power (how you get things done) and unconventional.

    I wouldn't have thought it possible that I could be any more horrified than what I saw watching Obama's weaponization of the DOJ, EPA, ATFE and (especially) the IRS- But watching DOJ and the FBI stonewall Congress this last year has been jaw dropping. My only guess is that Trump deliberately wants RussiaGate dragged out else he'd order DOJ/FBI to comply without hesitation when Congress calls.

    Somewhere along the way the FBI turned in to a Boy's Club. Mueller, Comey and McCabe were a clique that rotated leadership. IF Hillary had been elected Peter Strzok would have been a prime candidate for FBI Director. Don't tell me he didn't have that in sight.

    The intel services aren't above reproach either. Every time I see John Brennan open his mouth on TV I marvel this guy ran the CIA.

    So yeah, I get that Trump doesn't lean heavily on his subordinate agencies. He's also intemperate. He may only have one term but Trump is already set to go down in history as a amazingly effective President. I didn't vote for the guy (wrote in Cruz) but I'm totally onboard with Donald Trump now.

  6. I long ago decided to stop concerning myself with stuff Trump says (aside from relishing the freak outs he causes) in favor of what Trump does.

    He looks a whole lot better that way.

    1. Exactly. All else being equal, I'd prefer a measured, dignified, boring President.

      All else is decidely not fucking equal. I didn't know it when I was voting for him, but Trump is precisely the right man for the job at this particular time.

  7. I admit to being delightfully surprised. I simply expected him to be better than Hillary, due to inexperience at handling the levers of political power.

  8. I've dealt with business execs like Trump but on a smaller scale. He's at the point in his life where he can get things done,and he's going to do them (and I expect Mattis and Pompeo will, too) come hell or high water. He's got nothing to lose and he knows it. I didn't vote for him (I voted for a 5th party candidate) but I'm loving what we got.

  9. BTW. During my weekly-scheduled twitter-check I note Dumbfuck has posted his first anti-Trump retweet under his KGYN-branded moniker. Dude just can't help himself. The rage it burns, I reckon-

    And so it begins.

  10. Oh, I understand Trump, I understand he is brash, mouthy, and unconventional. I also understood when he started campaigning and speaking that he had a great chance of winning. He spoke about the things that concerned the Average Joe, about how American was sliding down towards Socialist shithole the EU is today, he spoke about how we needed to make America Great Again.

    And now...... his actions have spoken loader than words. He has pushed massive Tax Cuts, he has reeled in the Nazi Like EPA regulations, he has had more conservative Judges confirmed, Tariffs are actually creating jobs in industries that were lost overseas. And these are just a few of his accomplishments, and it has only been 1 1/2 years!

    And he done it all by ignoring the Washington way of doing things.

    Actions Speak Loader Than Words! He get thing done instead of spewing mealy mouth platitudes like a political sycophant.

    I don't care what he says, I care about what he does.

  11. So Disney cans one of their hottest directors (who makes them zillions of dollars) over old, sketchy, racist, anti-semetic, pedophilic tweets...

    I wonder what KGYN would think about some old tweets and "comedy" bits with racist, mysoginistic, pedophilic tendencies from some untalented hack who probably isn't worth the $10/hr they are paying him?


    1. Since when has he ever worried about anything he has said or done that is racist, misogynistic, or pedophilic? He just screams "Right Wing Nutjobs!", sues, loses, and hopes everyone forgets the horrific things he has written by then.


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