So we’ll be able to post video of you doing live radio right next to sworn court statements saying that you retired on disability from a progressive neurological disorder that NEVER EVER EVER gets better, because you were unable to manage to speak on the podcasts you were supposed to be doing.

And we’ll be able to post video clips of you in the studio without the wheelchair that you claimed to be confined to.

This is going to be GREAT!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

19 thoughts on “Excellent!”

  1. The lies William Schmalfeldt a.k.a. William Mathews shits out (and then rolls into balls and sniffs) are finally going to catch up with him inna way he won't be able to dodge, like Maryland.

    This will be delicious.

    Time to put fraud tip lines on speed dial.

  2. it boggles the mind that someone who only LAST YEAR claimed in court documents that he was medically unable to sit or stand for longer than 10 mins at a time, without suffering excrutiating pain, is now actually broadcasting that no only can he do so, but he can also do many other things, that he has claimed at various times in the past few years to be completely incapable of doing....

    and his rent a lady boi has the nerve to all Krendler a liar???

    OH please.....

  3. I’ll take “Admissions Against Interest” for $2,000, please, Alex.

  4. Just bought the mailing list for Guymon, and for Texas County, Oklahoma. Just over 7200 mailing addresses.

    Now to update the postcard we used for the Clinton campaign, and get them printed and posted.

    Entire campaign for “who is Bill Mathews of KGYN, and why you should care” should come in right at $1700, which will suck up the “office supplies” budget for July through September. We are using the folks at postcardmania.com, and getting the 5 cent per card rate, with 18.6 cents postage per each. Will be a nice card, full color glossy, printed both sides.

    1. I can think of no finer diversion for my HoL cafeteria allowance.

    2. The three possible proofs, both sides, for the postcards are up in the break room.

      Comments and suggestions by next Wednesday on the Teams forum, please, so we can keep them in one place.

      Make sure you reference which card your critique applies to, and be sure to take the ranking poll as to which is more effective. Cards are designated as “grifter”, “poop fixation”, and “stalker/doxxer” for their main themes, though all have some elements of each theme.

      It’s been suggested we do a mix, but that will raise the cost. Personally, I think we should do three separate mailings, spaced appropriately, in the hopes of not having to do them all.

  5. Oh, and Texas County went 80% Republican in the 2016 Presidental election, and household gun ownership is at 87%, so Cousin Bill is definitely behind enemy lines, this time.

    Hope he has his escape route well planned...

  6. I take it word about "Bill Mathews" has already gone out to these peeps...
    A lot of room for FUN here, istherenot?

  7. Someone should forward the link to the feed to judge Hecker, you know, to remind him just how severe William Mathews aka William Schmalfeldt's fakinsons really is.


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