19 thoughts on “All He Had To Do Was Shut Up”

  1. Love me some small town life. Plain honest conservative town full of decent people.
    Why if I were Raging library gasbag grifter with a flapjaw problem who had to keep it zipped the conflict stress would make me crap all the furniture in sight.
    Glad that's not me.

    1. "Raging library gasbag grifter..." is a phrase that should be printed on a t-shirt. XXL, if you would please.


    2. freakin autocorrect keeps trying to jam me into it's tiny little box of "correct" words.
      should be "libtard"
      got so much damn stolen punctuation crowdin the house I got no time for editing.

  2. As a resident of a small town, can you tell me what safety steps I should take when a mega-idiot comes to our town?
    Should we hide under our desks, stock up on bottled water, start making torches? What exactly? I need to be able to tell the children something and show them we are prepared to survive this crisis.

    PS can we sue Greyhound for bringing this curse upon us?

    1. The first thing you do is start holding your Cub Scout meetings in a secret location.

  3. Tell him it is a dry county.... FatBoi will be gone before he stops shaking...

  4. Well hello listeners! its the Big V-Giny on the big KGYNy! Bringing you your hog reports straight from the big hog himself. Squeeeee!

    1. Just think he now has a legitimate reason to go Hogggggg every morning.


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