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  1. https://twitter.com/BroadwayBillBTR/status/1004852725253799936

    Broadway Bill Chews the News @BroadwayBillBTR 3:28 PM - 7 Jun 2018

    The way Monty @catcollusion looks at me, I wonder is he thinking “I love you,” or “how does this dullard remember to take his next breath?” @turkresisting

    Just a hint for the racist, sexist, bigoted, anti-Semitic, terrorist-sympathizing, hateful, lying weeping pussy faking "dullard" Bill Schmalfeldt. Check the picture in the tweet again. The claws are extended.

  2. Well, if "winning" means gaining the love and admiration of a shit sniffing turdroller with a penchant for malingering and balloon animals, perhaps not.

    OTOH, if one judges winning by the scoreboard: https://www.whitehouse.gov/people/donald-j-trump/

  3. The only reason William Schmalfeldt, the valor stealing, Parkinson's faking shitbag (#whereisonyx) hates PRESIDENT Trump so much is because he stands for everything he hates; self-relaince and personal responsibility in a meritocracy untainted by insersectional politics.

    These are the 3 things that scare the shit out of him (which I'm sure he then rolls.into balls and sniffs).

  4. I predict that a rebranding is about to start or under way.

  5. Has Schmalfeldt ever won at anything?

    He doesn't own property..
    He depends on his girlfriends family for housing.
    He thinks the drivel he produces that is supposed to be comedy has value.
    He's written books that no one reads. The only proceeds are by those who bought them for evidence.
    He's never been the plaintiff and won.
    He lost an election.
    He lost a job before he even arrived. Twice.
    He's been evicted.
    His PD even abandoned him. How the hell does that happen?

    When you're a loser and you live the loser life.

    Bill Schmalfeldt - The story of a Loser.

    1. He's the loser that other losers laugh at because they feel so good that they're not him.

    2. "Have you heard about the lonesome loser?
      He's a loser but he still keeps on trying."

      Little River Band

      Song is known as the ballad of dick dented melon.

  6. Merkel may not survive row over refugees


    Can the old bill"Fecalfeliac" schmalfeldt pick em' or not.

  7. Schmalfeldt was walking in the woods on day and stepped in a bear trap.
    He had to chew his own dick off to escape.
    Aw who am I kidding. He did it for fun and then opened the trap and got his foot out.
    Then he testepeded all the way home.


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