7 thoughts on “I Think There’s Another Schmalfeldt Sockpuppet Account on Twitter!”

    1. I think nowadays it’s considered “modern art,” favored by misunderstood geniuses who can’t afford such novelties as “paint.”

      1. "Modern artists" have never gotten past the stage of a 2-year-old rebelling against and shocking their parents. They just substitute "Society" for parents.

  1. I think not. While this person is in fact operating in the preferred Dumbfuck (aka William "Bill" Schmalfeldt) medium of poop, it is not in his preferred stylings of little (or large, God help us all) rolled up balls of poop. ALso there are no misspellings, which are the hallmarks of GS13 "I stillz gotz skillz" wordsmiths.

  2. What I want to know is why this person actually thinks that they have accomplish something by smearing that in their own crap?

    Are they proud with misplaced pride?

    Are their parents proud and happy that they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars sending their special darling to a university just so they can learn how to finger paint in shit?

    I wouldn't even give a participation trophy for this, it is substandard.


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