You Just Can’t Resist, Can You, DUMBFUCK?

Always, always, always with the butt stuff!

Seriously, I really want to know – who gets more use out of the horse dildo suction-cupped to the shower wall in your dingy roach motel – you or Goiter Gal?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

3 thoughts on “You Just Can’t Resist, Can You, DUMBFUCK?”

  1. He is just mad that the second coming of Christ is no longer in office and the current president might change laws that would force the parkinsons faking valor stealing shitbag to get off his ample ass, quit pretending to fake a disease, and actually have to contribute to society for a change.

  2. Hi, I was told I could come here and see how "Cowardly" the host and commenters here are. Can you help me with that because all I can see is people telling the truth about a fucking scumbag Valor Stealing asshole.

  3. OH yeah with that....
    yeah seriously run with how Trump paid back Cohen with his own money, the money Cohen paid out of his own pocket...please please do so...
    keep the attention on how two buddies covered each other's ass with THEIR OWN MONEY...

    and i say this only because the libtwats who are pushing what a GOTCHA!! this story is are incapable of realizing exactly how it actually COMPLETELY screws their own intentions to prove Trump or his lawyer did something "illegal'

    kinda of hard to commit campaign finance violations with your own fuggin money innit?


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