Using The Same Argument

…Bill Schmalfeldt could support Hillary Clinton (or any Democrat, really – no matter how evil) and call her opponents “hypocrites” for their lack of support because he was forced to support her even though he’s a huge #misogynist #desist


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

9 thoughts on “Using The Same Argument”

  1. Trying to follow his stupid logic makes my head hurt.

    I wonder how his crafting of LOLSuit IX against KDSN is coming along. Suing an entity with a true "public voice" will not be good for him when he loses.

    1. I’m sure his acumen will have the legal team at KDSN dumbfounded.

      1. They should be dumbfounded on how they ever got that close to hiring that talentless, lying, shit sniffing, stolen valor racist.

      2. Hey, he could get himself a win here, finally.

        "Let's offer to settle for three bucks!"

        1. "Let's offer to settle for three rolls of shit paper!"


  2. "I JUST POOPED!!!"

    -William Schmalfeldt, the valor.stealing, parkinsons faking shitbag once again trying to punch up politically against someone who doesn't even k ow he exists due to his irrelevance

    BTW - I Google searched his name today. Anyone else get a "sanitized" search result?

    1. Using DuckDuckGo this is the second result/

  3. I looked him up on LinkedIn. His entry is just awful. He's still listing his EFSET as an award.
    I know a narcissistic asshole who has a worse LinkedIn page, but he's not the anal boil on humanity that Bill is.

    1. Be careful looking at his LinkedIn profile. He has used it in the past to doxx people.


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