The Pool Is Up in the Break Room

The question:  How long before Monty vanishes like all of Bill Schmalfeldt’s other pets?

We are measuring in DAYS, not weeks this time.

Twenty bucks a pop, as usual.

Also, drop a note in the box to vote YEA or NAY on a combo bet with CAUSE OF DEATH.

Good luck!


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

14 thoughts on “The Pool Is Up in the Break Room”

  1. I really need to know whether DUMBFUCK prepared Onyx properly or just gnawed it to death.

  2. Put me down for 15 days.

    I can't take the combo because its a toss up between it "escaping" outside and having an "accident" or "a 1 in a milion uber rare disease no one saw coming"

  3. So he is working on "abandoning" more pets that he has failed LOLsuits?

    While I believe trophy hunting is morally questionable, at least those hunters try to end the life of their targets quickly and with minimum pain. Bill takes in these animals, subjects them to untold horrors (can you imagine having to see those two first thing EVERY morning?), an then ditches them at the first hint of inconvenience. It is morally repugnant, and completely in line with his character.

    1. I have, in the past, known people who would take a particular interest in Bill's treatment of animals and who would be interested in putting an end to that mistreatment, knowing that the animals are morally (and in every other way) superior to Bill.

      Dammit, lost my Rolodex. Guess calling the cops will have to suffice.

  4. I'll say it will last until the Inflate-A-Boy nags him enough about getting a job to keep her in gay incest porn and he's has to ditch the the cat and drag xis fat ass across a few states on the Greyhound pretending he has an interview.

  5. I just want to point out that _I_ suggested, some weeks back, it was time for Onyx to go on milk cartons nationwide.

    Alas, poor kitty- We hardly knew him.

  6. Dam! bill needs to up his game.

    1. Serious, SERIOUS crazy-eyes on that one!

      Too bad she didn't pick Cousin Bill to fixate on - the LULZ would have probably crippled a few of us...

      1. Well he did make that trip out to New Mexico and Arizona earlier this year.


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