Speaking For Myself Alone

Because Sonoran Conservative certainly doesn’t need my help…

Fuck you, Bill.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

27 thoughts on “Speaking For Myself Alone”

  1. Fucking DOOMY doom-like DOOM CLOCK of DOOMNESS!!!


    Your threats are as toothless as your inflatathing's rotten maw.

  2. It should be fairly easy to show multiple instances of Schmalfeldt faking Parkinson's conditions based solely on the content of his own written entries, and his own video clips, on his own various blogs, when then compared to his later actions and physical activities, also all written about and shown on his own various blogs. Multiple.

    A reasonable man could then discernibly conclude the whole routine to be fake. Of course, that would just be his opinion based upon those multiple discrepancies. An opinion by a reasonable man based upon observations of Schmalfeldt's writings, photos, and videos, all on Schmalfeldt's own blogs.

    1. He has by his own actions made it impossible for a medical professional to testify in his favor in a trial or hearing.

  3. For one week, I will have a pinned post over at Gab expressing my thoughts about the Oedipal DumbFuck's little feltddown. So Oedipal Bill, what are you going to do? Kill another defenseless animal because your butthurt?

  4. William "Dumbfuck" Schmalfeldt (aka Oedipal Bill, aka Cabin Boy, aka Rollez le Merde) fakes having Parkinsons Disease.
    fakes having Parkinsons Disease.
    fakes having Parkinsons Disease.
    fakes having Parkinsons Disease.
    and scams money from the people of this country.

    Can you read it now?

    1. THAT'S NOT TRUE!!

      Bill Schmalfeldt fakes having Parkinson's Disease and TRIES to scam money from the people of this country. But, alas....DUMBFUCK.

  5. You've done it now, Kyle! You've left him no choice but to...to...make impotent threats.

    Followed by failure...

    Followed by the long awaited return of ABOVE IT ALL BILL!!! Yep, everybody's favorite persona of the Schmycle, the man who has no time for OUR shenanigans! "Oh, I COULD have won! Oh how I would have won! But in the end I have a beautiful fiance, a spacious dwelling, the respect of thousands of fans. And what do THEY have? None of those things! So why should I waste a moment of thought on them? I don't care! I DON'T CARE Look at me not caring!"

  6. Doooooooooooooooooooooooooom.... Doooooom.... Doom.... doom...

    So I read the entire thread at http://www.xmfan.com/viewtopic.php?t=92623&start=0&postdays=0&postorder=asc&highlight=
    per Krendlers' suggestion AND-

    I was impressed at how consistent Shakes is. Even going back a decade when TFS wasn't even a gleam in his (multiple multiple) twitter account(s).

    You can see parts of The Schmycle in the xmfan discussion. There's understated threats which grow increasingly larger over multiple iterations. Implied Doom Clocks. Final demands. And then nothing. Nothing happens and no resolution that I can see. Although. Maybe. There's folks rotting in jail even now as a result of crossing Bill Schmalfeldt.

    Tell you what. Let me put in a call to James Comey. I'll get back to you all once I know.

  7. Four huge pulsing lies in such a short piece of text. You are something else Dumbfuck.
    "I am a forgiving person." Like Hell you are.
    "...has one week.." Dude, he's got till the sun burns out, You got no dick for the fight.
    "...tell me how he plans to publicly apologize..." Cuz he ain't, got no intent to, not planning to at all, buy a clue dickless.
    "...claiming that I am faking..." Didn't claim it. Pretty much straight up said it out loud. So did I. So did lots of people.

    Bring it. Come to Tampa right? That's where your mad doxxing skillz convinced you I plant my carcass. Or simmer all summer in your foetid mangina juices.

  8. Wait wait wait waitwaitwait just one second here.

    Never mind the evidence he himself has published that tends to show he doesn't have Parkinson's.

    What evidence do we have that he does have it?

    His word?

    Well. We know how good that is, then.

  9. I hereby apologize...

    .. for anyone that sprains a lulz muscle because I see a lot of you may need medical attention soon. I know I will.

    1. It's a shame there's not enough sky for a skywriter to write "Lying Goldbrick William 'DUMBFUCK' Schmalfeldt Is Totally Faking Parkinson's Disease But Clearly Has Hodgkinson's. Sorry If You Had To Notice Him."

  10. To paraphrase a classic:

    “It is noted that Plaintiff provides no proof other than his own self-serving statements that “Paul Krendler” … is actually Defendant Grady or any of the other Defendants. he has Parkinson’s disease, or any other chronic illness other than morbid obesity, nor has he provided proof that he isn’t scamming the American taxpayer.”

    [Kindly, I fail to note that Bill Schmalfeldt is also an accused rapist. And a serial animal abuser/killer. Oh, yes, and a adjudicated toddler stalker. Let us not forget the coprophilia, and...heck, I could go on all night!]

    Bring the DOOMCLOCKS, Cousin Bill...it amuses us.

    Almost as much as when you hike up your fleshskirt, and flee the field of battle, a defeated fuckwit, full of butthurt, significant in no way...

    You still owe me a pile of doxxings, cocksucker cousin.

    1. Oh sirrus radio has been informed hes vlaiminh to be an employee in his twit profile


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