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  1. William Schmalfeldt, the valor stealing Parkinson's faking shitbag, has jewels??

    Based on how he always runs away and hides, could have fooled me.

    1. Growing up, that's what his dad called dingelberries.

      And Bill.

  2. OMG what a creeper!!! What straight male thinks these types of things? Who thinks these things and writes about it?

    Hey 'Lard Oh', get your ass out of that closet and live your life honestly. It would be the most courageous event in your miserable life.

    Bill may not be gay, but he's had a dick in his mouth.

  3. Does anyone get brief moments of doubt where you think it might just be possible that Schmalfeldt doesn't actually exist and that PK and Schmalfeldt and even some others are just puppets of some deranged person who has created one of the most intricate and long running hoaxes ever?
    Because sometimes I just can't even imagine that any thing ever could be this self-unaware, this stupid, this obnoxious, this evil, can it?
    It only lasts an instant but sometimes it seems more plausible than this twisted reality.

    1. It is only because I have witnessed Bll Schmalfeldt in real life that I can't hope for this scenario. But I have to agree that it's just too much and that eventually belief fatigue sets in with him. But nope.He's really. He's really that screwed up. And proud of it!

  4. So wait..

    He advises people on Grindr how to improve their profile pics to make them more attractive to.. him?

  5. There's two big chunks of misdirection Schmalfeldt has dumped online lately that need some fisking:

    "See the probes in my head there? Those are the final stimulator leads. Before those were implanted, the surgeon inserted “listening probes” that pick up the sounds of neurons firing. That’s how they know where to insert the final probes, by zeroing in on the two subthalamic nuclei in the brain where the movement neurons are misfiring. DAMN, the hours of patient practicing, forcing those neurons to MISFIRE just so FOUR YEARS LATER I could convince the government to give me a disability retirement so I could trim my take-home pay by almost 2/3 just because I was too lazy to be bothered to go to work every day.

    THERE’S THE LOGIC anyone who cares to insist that I am faking this will have to stand by. I worked like a BEAST to condition my brain to learn how to misfire ON DEMAND, so I could undergo this dangerous surgery just so that four years after the fact I could cut my salary from a GS-13 rate to a disability retirement rate of approximately 1/3 of what I had been receiving. That’s some REAL HARD WORK for someone who just wants to nurse at the government teat, wouldn’t you say?"

    First: What is the sound of a neuron "misfiring"? Does it sound like a car backfire or something? I would think it sounds a lot like a neuron firing because neurons misfire by emitting pulses at the wrong time or too fast or too slow. He went to a lot of effort here to try and discolor with absurdity the fact that his neurons sound to the surgical probe pretty much like all his other neurons its just that the probe was closer to the area of interest. They had a physical target to aim for and not some kind of misfiring signal to home in on. If misfires in that nucleus were proof of PD then no one would need to autopsy a brain to look for Lewy bodies to make a final determination of PD, the only way to really tell.

    He has always used this surgery as proof that he has Parkinsons because why would anyone go through this just to scam the gov right? The surgery proves nothing about whether or not he had PD. It proves he had the surgery that's all. It may prove that some additional doctors believed he did as well but I could see him getting selected for the trial simply based on his diagnosis shopped paperwork. What does the trial surgeon care, he needs bodies for his trials. Heck a guy who might later turn out to not have PD could serve as a useful control. And where are the control members of this trial group anyway?

    Why do the surgery? Minimal risk (not a heart transplant and real PD sufferers are getting it all the time anyway) plus cementing his PD diagnosis. What's it get him? Why he only gets 1/3 of his pay at the time. Who could possibly argue with that. Lets remember he had just conned his way into the job of his lifetime. The clock was ticking. He knows his work history and knows that in two years tops either he will blow himself up with his keyboard or mouth or people will have finally built his termination file. 1/3 of his GS-13 pay (sadly documented as real elsewhere) is more than he had ever pulled down before and more than he could ever expect to get again and it was fixing to go away real soon. His SS money was gong to be in line with his actual pay history and that wouldn't even kick for years to come.
    Why did he do it? He had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    As many others have cite, his behavior proves he does not and never did have PD. He's just trying to muddy the water and avoid prosecution.

    1. Schmalfeldt logic:

      I went to the doctor with abdominal pain, and he said it was likely appendicitis. So they took out my appendix.

      Pain didn’t go away, so the doctor said I had to get my gall bladder out too. Then the pain went away.

      Results: I DEFINITLY had appendicitis AND a bad gall bladder.


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