Is Bill Schmalfeldt a Racist?

Yesterday, a brave #resistance fighter posted a hilarious and original meme on Twitter:

See, it’s an ORANGE crayon (Trump) speaking at a rally to an audience of WHITE crayons (apparently his base).

Cuz’ he’s ORANGE, too! And a RAAAAACIST!


But for some reason, Bill Schmalfeldt felt it wasn’t good enough. In his words, it wasn’t “correct.”

So he corrected it.

See, it’s still an ORANGE crayon (Trump) speaking at a rally to an audience of mostly WHITE crayons (apparently his base).

Except now there’s one BLACK crayon in the lower left corner. And he’s OBNOXIOUS because he supports TRUMP.

Cuz’ he’s ORANGE, too! And a RAAAAACIST! As long as we don’t count the obnoxious black people, anyway.

Now, if we’re going to play by Schmalfeldt’s rules (and you better believe we are!), then if you disagree with just one person who claims to have Parkinson’s disease, then you must hate EVERYONE who has Parkinson’s disease.

Thus, because Bill Schmalfeldt disagrees with one OBNOXIOUS ‘BLACKS 4 TRUMP’ guy, then he must hate EVERYONE who is black…especially people who have escaped the Democrat plantation and learned to think for themselves, like Candace Owens, Kanye West, and Obnoxious Blacks For Trump Guy.

But let’s not forget all the people who haven’t yet escaped the Democrat plantation.  He preemptively hates them too, because they MIGHT ESCAPE one day.

Do YOU think Bill Schmalfeldt is a racist?



Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

6 thoughts on “Is Bill Schmalfeldt a Racist?”

  1. "Do YOU think Bill Schmalfeldt is a racist?"

    Is today a day that ends in "y"?

  2. Does the sun rise in the east?
    Is water wet?
    Do bears shit in the woods??


  3. Is the Pope an SJW?

    Does the inflatathing's grill look like a rotted maw of doomy doom-like doomness?

    Is Bill Schmalfeldt a closeted gay pervert?

  4. If you know your Shakespeare then you will understand this:

    bill "Frothy Trencher-friend" schmalfeldt

  5. You know, he still claims his Parkinson's diagnosis.

    And yet, he still hasn't shown any proof he has it. Sure, we've seen pictures of documents that no one has actually examined. Sure he wrote a "Parky" book and participated in a study in which he was later removed.

    I'm pretty certain, based on.. evidence.. he lives in a white neighborhood. I wonder what would happen if someone were to suggest to say, one of their African American Trump supporting friends to go visit Schmalfeldt in his hiding place?

    I also wonder if someone were to tell their African American Trump supporting friend that Schmalfeldt believes she's obnoxious and should return to the plantation for Democrat retraining?

    I sorta wonder what might happen if the African American Trump supporter were to discover that Schmalfeldt likes to refer to her race as "darkies"?

    It sure would be a shame if someone had a African American Trump supporting friend in Myrtle Beach, or perhaps within a 100 miles of a certain white neighborhood, and told her what Bill Schmalfeldt says of her. I would hate for her to get a copy of the tweet in her email.

    Sure would be a shame.

    I'm not saying that anyone should do that. I'm just wondering.. ya know.. hypothetically..


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