Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!

Why do you only “suggest we all reserve judgment for the moment, hear what the AG has to say for himself, weigh the veracity of the allegations, then decide” when accusations are leveled against progressives like Schneiderman or Al Franken of Kevin Spacey or Harvey Weinstein or your good pal Louis C.K. or Woody Allen or Bill Clinton, but not against Donald Trump?

Is it ONLY because you are a lying, misogynist hypocrite or is there something else going on?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

6 thoughts on “Good Evening, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. Reserve judgement?!?


    He RESIGNED!! Like your fellow lefty scumball Franken, fatass.

    I beginning to believe that it is a requirement that you be a mentally deranged douchebag to be part of the "woke" left.

    Of course, legally adjudicated rapists going on and on and about #metoo and #resist like they really give a fuck about women just reinforces that.

  2. “Legally adjudicated rapist.”

    Oh, yeah...

    THAT something else going on.

  3. The LardAss FailWhale seems to have a (D) after his name, and he's a giant, inflamed hemorrhoidal asshole, so there's that bit of support for his statement.

  4. From a certain Fatfuck's Twitter spew....

    "What happened tonight shows the basic difference between decent people and #MAGA heads"


    Decent people?

    Does a decent person harass a family that lost a baby?

    Does a decent person dox others and use that information to try and get them fired?

    Does a decent person post pictures of their terminally ill spouse on the internet?

    Does a decent person roll their fecal matter into balls and sniff them, then post it on the internet?

    Does a decent person wear medals on their uniform they are not authorized to wear?

    Ninja, pleeze...

    You and that inflatathing wouldn't know decent if it bit you.


    1. DUMBFUCK thinks a domestic terrorist is decent people. If he actually encountered decency, he'd try to eat it.

  5. What the AG had to say for himself :"Uh...I was just role playing! Totally consensual beatings!"

    Also "OK. OK. I quit!"


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