Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!

Could you please make up your fucking mind, you diseased piece of shit?

First, over on Amazon before your replies were deleted (will you ever find an excuse NOT to make it personal, DUMBFUCK? I swear to God, you’re easier to push than a Slinky on a stairway.), it was first Doug and then  @mayberryville who “sent false defamatory information about me to which caused them to rescind an offered-and-accepted job”

Now, you’re sure it’s @penllyn over on GAB who is responsible.

Tomorrow it will be someone else. And after that you can spend seven billion days accusing every man, woman and child on Earth until at last you circle back to the culprit in your mirror.

Everyone knows you’re  complete liar, even your once-and-never employer, and no one sent KDSN anything except maybe an invitation to play seek and find on the Twitterz.

I, on the other hand, am Spartacus.

Due diligence is a bitch for an adjudicated cyberstalker, ain’t it just?

Pro tip: Butthurt is not a tort in Iowa, either. When you’re done researching “detrimental reliance” case law (who am I kidding? You found something you liked at quit reading, like you always do!), try this on for size:

“Is Iowa an ’employment at will’ state, and what does ’employment at will’ mean?”

Then, by all means (Please, oh dear God, please let this happen!) go file LOLSUIT IX – Yeast Infection.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

12 thoughts on “Good Afternoon, DUMBFUCK!”

    1. He did one with a railroad spike through Sarah Palin's forehead in 2008, and then had the balls to suggest the GOP wanted to murder Hillary in 2016.

      He forgets SO MUCH SHIT. I'd call him demented if I wasn't so afraid to get sued...

      Oh, wait.

      He's utterly fucking demented. Crazier than a shithouse rat. A bag of fries short of a Happy Meal. Insane in the membrane. Ought to be locked up in a tiny padded room. Lithium, Haldol. Permanent straitjacket.

      Oh, I guess I'm not all that scared at all. Imagine that.

  1. He was never offered that job. There is no proof of that at all. That is just another false flag by Bill Schmalfeldt.

  2. William M. Schmalfeldt, Sr. 7:50 AM - 29 Apr 2018

    The #MAGA crowd has no real problem with "mean spiritedness." It's the same attitude as displayed by rapists. Inflicting suffering? No problem. They LIKES it! A LOT! But put a rapist in jail with a romantic 300-lb cellie? All of a sudden they're worried about "boundaries." #WCHD

    Is Bill Schmalfeldt speaking as someone who knows from personal experience (having been on both sides of the act)? As if Bill Schmalfeldt the TODDLERSTALKER! cares about inflicting suffering.

    1. Considering his anal rape "satire" that got him banned from Kos... He seems to think about rape an awful lot.

      1. I’m told that. DUMBFUCK’S history with rape goes a lot further back than Kos.

  3. I seen to recall after bill allegedly received and accepted this job offer, he got into a tweeter spat with someone putting down farmers, tagging @KDSNRadio in his replies. He supplied all the derogatory information needed to withdraw that offer himself.

    1. IIRC it was a Hispanic farmer from Iowa that Bill decided wasn't "progressive" enough and had to be taught a Twitter lesson. Typical Bill, his mouth gets him fired, or not hired, all the time. He just can't accept the fact that it's HIM that keeps fucking himself.

      1. Of course not, then he'd have to accept that he is responsible for his own fuck ups..

        besides, when it comes to him fucking himself, he was doing such a piss poor job of it he had to rent Inlfata-Skank to do a better job..


  4. I personally am looking forward to the valor stealing, Parkinson's faking shitbag William Schmalfeldt filing LOLsuit IX. It will be GREAT to have yet more truths about him becoming a matter of public record.

  5. "He was never offered that job. There is no proof of that at all. That is just another false flag by Bill Schmalfeldt."

    Not that we can disregard any theory on the basis of "But that would be STUPID!" but doesn't Bill's story make him even MORE pathetic than the idea of a false flag?

    He's admitting that the thing he MOST wants to be able to do--get people fired for what they write in their exchanges with him--is exactly what was done to him! And which he himself has never been able to pull off! He's admitting his enemies are smarter than he is. he's admitting that in this game of wits he was unarmed. He's a loser attacking winners and losing and he's so dim he thinks that calling THEM losers makes it better. It so doesn't, for reasons that are obvious if you aren't dim.


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