Good Afternoon Again, DUMBFUCK!

Is this why your former Banged-Her-On-The-First-Date-Soulmate clawed half her own throat out?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

8 thoughts on “Good Afternoon Again, DUMBFUCK!”

  1. You mean the soul mate Bill said was surprised he didn't just bang her one night and then never see her again, as was apparently normal for her. That seems to be a woman with major self esteem issues, and probably why Bill latched right on. Normal women don't give him the time of day .

    1. I think that fat fucking loser shares DNA with lampreys.

      Anything that enables him to sit on his fat lazy ass all day, every day and produce his unfunny, untalented "comedy."

  2. Elke is just envious that DJT didn’t pick her!

    Honestly, who the hell just sits there and watches something like that? Makes me doubt her veracity, right off the top. That, and throwing Barbara Moore under the media bus...

    Frankly, DJT, if this did happened, picked the hot one.

    Go look. No, really.

  3. Its hilarious how the press and tards like Dumbfuck keep harping "PDT banged hot chicks!" and think it negatively affects his approval. DF wishes and prays he had the macho and moolah of a PDT. not on his most scammy day.

    1. All it does is remind everyone that while the Notorious DJT bangs porn stars and supermodels, Slick Willie settled for Paula Jones and Juanita Brodderick.

      1. Slick Willie didn't "settle" for them, he attacked them, something DJT has yet to have proven against himself...


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