Don’t Worry, DUMBFUCK…

I’ll be at your funeral.

Might even be a few days early.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

9 thoughts on “Don’t Worry, DUMBFUCK…”

  1. Assuming William M Schmalfeldt, Sr had ever had a base, how stupid would it have had to be? Well, more stupid than he is, which would explain the absence of a base for him.
    (And is there anyone still calling himself William M. Schmalfeldt, Jr anymore? Or has he changed his name?)

  2. Differences between John McCain and William Schmalfeldt? Two come to mind:

    1) Senator McCain never stole valor.
    2) those who show to McCain's funeral will do so out of respect.

    If the Parkinson's faking shitbag actually expects anyone to show up to say
    "something respectful and conciliatory" at his own funeral (inflataskank will moved on to the next meal ticket before your bloated corpse is even cold) he is delusional.

  3. That fat fucking shitbag better be buried with a metric shit ton of urinal cakes.

  4. Death threat!!! ELEVENTY!!!!!!!! You saw it, right? You all saw it?

    "I've got you NOW, Krendler."

  5. Just to remind the Oedipal DumbFuck Bill Schmalfeldt that he will forever be Krendler's Monkey.

  6. Myrtle Beach needs another media event.


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