A Little Exercise In Associative Thinking

Take few moments please, to go and read this column by Erick Erickson at Medium.com.

Then, if you can think of a person who would serve and an exemplar for the attitude Erickson is describing, leave that person’s name in a comment.

I just want to see what happens…


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

6 thoughts on “A Little Exercise In Associative Thinking”

  1. I have two names:
    william a. ferguson failed musician,

    ‏william m. schmalfeldt,sr., failed radio, author, comedian , etc ,etc, ......

    Its funny they both seem to have a kink about anal sex with men, like years’ experience.

    1. I think part of it is that they are degenerates and perverts, whether or not they've ever acted on their perverse urges.

      Another part is that they are still intellectually and emotionally CHILDREN. Trying to disgust us with "icky" gay butt-stuff represents the "best" their filthy little minds can come up with as attacks against us.

      They really can't comprehend that we're adults, and to us all that crap is just behavior that consenting adults may or may not engage in and isn't any of our business as long as it's behind a closed door and not scaring the horses.

      In short: They are just poo-poo heads, and the tragedy is that it's too late for daddy to get home and give them the ass-whipping they so desperately need. Ug. On second thought, they're well past the point where an ass-whipping turned into something they would enjoy.

      That might explain a lot, you know!

  2. I was going to name them as well, but I would as Matt Osbourn to the list. Nothing quite says "life failure" then spending 10 years in the military is two different shortage MOS and still never getting promoted above E4. Then of course there is the entire rest of his life that just reinforces the fact he's a failure.

  3. "I picked up the gun, a Glock 19, and fired ten rounds from 20 yards away — not feet, yards. All ten shots were within no more than two inches of the bullseye."

    I know nothing about Erick, besides the fact he's full of shit. Annie Oakley didn't get a 4 inch group at 20 yards her first time out.

    "...the death threats I was getting for not supporting Trump’s election."

    Oh, fuck him.

    Another article:

    "I once called Game of Thrones “torture porn” and refused to watch it."


    "The reason I watch Game of Thrones now is that I think it is probably the best scripted show on television."

    Yeah, and that Playboy sure had good articles, eh?

    Bullshit and hypocrisy are primary reasons why Trump won, and the bullshit hypocrites RINO GOPE will never get it.

    1. I regularly instruct gun noobs, and it happens that some of them do shoot handguns well, first time out of the chute.

      I’ve noticed it happens more with women than men. Less testosterone, and fewer expectations, is my guess.

      From Ericsson’s description, I’d infer he fired an 8 to 10 inch group, given a 6 inch bull, which is nothing special.

  4. hmmnnn....

    the entirety of Team Kimberlin comes to mind...

    along with several politicians...


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