Good thing Gail list all that weight (the right way!) and couldn’t wear the ring by the end.

It must have been a lot easier to snatch that from her jewelry box, and tell TJ she sold it to buy the tincasa when she tossed your ass to the curb in…what was it? 2008? 2009?


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie

26 thoughts on “Wow!”

  1. I doubt that Gail's ring lost a half a degree of temperature between the time he ripped it off her still cooling finger and when it sat safely at the pawn shop for JWR money.

    Inflatathing's ring? The prize from a box of Count Chocula would be my guess. You can still see the remains of chocolate dust under her/his/its nasty azz fingernails.

    1. I really doubt that's Chocolate. Remember, the Inflate-A-Boy is with Anal Bill. I denounce myself.

      1. That ring looks like it could “hook” something...

        Bill best remember to request the ring be removed *before* the fisting sessions.

        OTOH, Bill can carry three bowling balls and an armadillo, no hands, so it may not be necessary...

      1. Wonder how much life insurance he has on her? Enough for another Scooty Puff? Did Bill find himself another one with a terminal condition?

  2. Trying to figure out who is the bigger fool in that union, will have to go with the power of "and".

  3. A special ear-worm for the newly wedlocked couple.

  4. All I can say about bill and his son--after a quick glance at both tweeters--is the apple did not fall off the root of the tree.

    1. At least Bill's son didn't fake an illness in order to sit on his fat lazy ass and grift off the taxpayers for years.

  5. Fingernails reeking of poo

    That's all I can think of when I see that picture.

  6. Maybe it's just the lighting, but it looks like there's some significant circulation issues going on there.

    I can say that even at my heaviest, my hands never looked that bad. For that matter, I can still wear a size 6 ring on my wedding finger. That ring is no size 6.

    1. I wouldn't worry. William will soon have her losing weight "the old-fashioned way".

    2. Sitting around on your fat lazy ass playing video games all day, every day does wonders for skin tone, muscle tone, and overall health.


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