8 thoughts on “Uh, Yeah…How About “NO?””

  1. His "book" has been out for two days, he has made one sale yesterday--guesstimate based on the Kindle rating numbers at 1409 04/24/2018.

  2. The temptation to acquire a copy and produce an honest review is strong. But my stomach is not so strong.

  3. Here's the thing about advertising a book with your name on it.

    Most people will look and go "meh". The title is hardly worth cracking the cover.

    Those that have some kind of curiosity will google the author to see what other works were produced.

    Considering his history being all over the internet, this may not have been the wisest marketing strategy.

    1. Don't even have to use google just click on the Amazon authors page link.


      1. Ha!
        Just one book below Trump & The Seven Deadly Sins: (With Selected Retellings of the Bible to Suit the #MAGA Crowd) this is what is listed:

        Why I Hate America, Freedom and Everything Decent Jun 27, 2011
        by Bill Schmalfeldt and Bill Schmalfeldt

        That will be enough to get most people to give it a pass.

  4. If you'd like a free PDF copy of "Trump & the Seven Deadly Sins" (81 pages) and can write an Amazon review, shoot me. There. FixedItForHim.


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