I Thought DUMBFUCK Would Be Right On Top Of This

From Geek.com:

After years of debate, scientists have confirmed that [the seventh planet from the Sun] does, in fact, emit foul smells.

[S]pectroscopic observations have uncovered hydrogen sulfide seeping from the planet’s cloud tops.

A global team, led by Patrick Irwin from the University of Oxford, dissected infrared light from the ice giant and found the noxious gas (which gives rotten eggs their distinctive scent) swirling in its upper atmosphere.

Their long-sought evidence was published this week in the journal Nature Astronomy.

“If an unfortunate human were ever to descend through [the] clouds,” Irwin said, “they would be met with very unpleasant and odiferous conditions.”

Luckily, a quick death would save you from the stench.

That’s right, kids…

Uranus smells like farts.

I denounce myself.


Author: Paul Krendler

The Thinking Man's Zombie