…says Brett Kimberlin’s Rectal Mouthpiece.


Author: Paul Krendler

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13 thoughts on “BWA-Hahahahahaha!!!!!”

  1. Ironic that Brett Kimberlin's rectal mouth piece "The Liberal Shadow" is flatulating in dead space due to a Twitter shadowban. Bwa-hahahahaha


  3. William Schmalfeldt Sr., the Stolen Valor gold brcking liar, should have learned by now to keep his stupid mouth shut until there are actual facts to discuss. Right now you have one party saying they were not a client and one saying they were. But Bill, being the dishonest hack he's always been, needs to run with the story that confirms his bias. No wonder he gets fired from every job.

  4. "I JUST POOPED!!!!"

    --William Schmalfeldt, punching up and failing miserably while being completely clueless that the talking head does not write the stories nor produce the show while claiming journalism experience.

    1. Funny how the neckless, racist, POS can't seem to get picked up as a journalist anywhere... even with all of his vast journomolistic experience.

      IT'S A MYSTERY!!!11!!eleventy!!1!

    2. In his defense, there is no way to punch down when you're William Schmalfeldt, Sr, gold-bricking liar, writer of pedophilic Cub Scout "comedy" pornography, and Butt-hurt Defendant Supreme. He can only punch up.
      Doesn't really matter. I can't see, if there was anyone anywhere in the world he could punch down on, he would be any more effective.

  5. Meanwhile, ABC has George Stephanopoulus, former communications director for Bill Clinton and large donor to the Clinton Foundation. interview James Comey about his book in which among other things, the handling of a criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton is the topic.

    1. Not a fair comparison, George Stephanopoulus has actually sucked all the right dicks and licked all the right assholes, whereas bill has only offered and been refused.


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