6 thoughts on “Bill Schmalfeldt Retweeted This”

  1. I wonder if Fatfuck generates Oxytocin when he abandons animals?

    He does it so much there must be a reason...

  2. They are all in a better place.

    Being shit out of Round-Eye after he got Chinese take-out is better than living with Bill Schmalfeldt.

  3. Bill's dogs ran and hid every time he came in the door. He had to catch them, in his house, to abandon them on the street. He re-tweeted this in the hopes that someone, anyone, would think that he cared about dogs. The fact is, he is so despicable, even his dogs didn't love him.

  4. Oh lookie...

    The Rotund Racist is trying to schlep another one of his untalented written screeds upon the world via the Internet...

    Will he be able to crack double digit sales this time?


    How many times you gotta do this, you ignorant racist fuck? No one... NO ONE... even your fellow lefty swamp dwellers, have any interest in your take on anything. Your getting run out of Daily Kos on a rail should have clued you in on that.

    I guess we should be thankful though. The time you waste spewing out your written garbage is time you are not stalking, harrassing, or sueing others.

    So.... Thanks!!! I guess.

    1. You forget the only reason why anybody would ever buy his scribblings. Evidence.


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