5 thoughts on “Look Who POOPED TODAY!”

  1. The valor stealing Parkinson's faking Lee Stranahan wannabe a.k.a. William Schmalfeldt once again confuses someone of importance with someone who gives a shit.

    Give it up fakinsons. You will never, EVER be relevant in any political conversation of substance.

  2. Wasn't he the guy that surrendered several times by running away from court hearings?

    I distinctly recall his tough guy words before Grady actually showed up in court. Where was Bill? Hiding under the porch in fear pee stained track pants.


    "How I single handedly defeated a horseshoe crab on the beaches of Lebanon, part seventy two."

    Exclusively at BillSchmallfeldtIsALyingRacistDouche.com

  4. I suppose he could "punch down" by going after Brett Kimberlin, but I don't expect that to happen. It might turn out to be explosive if he did.


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